IRIS Legal has just announced plans for a new Laserform Centre of Excellence. The centre will bring together all Laserform staff into one location in brand new premises at Booths Park, Knutsford due to open March 2008. There will be no reduction in staff headcount however Laserform's London satellite office, where the lease comes to an end in late spring, will close. All 12 staff have been offered relocation to the new office. In December 2007 Laserform added an additional 6 new staff members based at the Lymm office, mainly in support roles.

The formation of the centre will accelerate the integration of Laserform with recent IRIS Case and Practice Management applications (as per the investment committed by IRIS in July 2007) as well as increasing levels of customer support and the overall growth of the Laserform business. (Since IRIS tookover the business, Laserform has already extended the opening hours for ts support services by one hour a day – at no additional cost to users.) Laserform will now operate with all development, sales, distribution and customer support personnel in one office. Laserform (and the rest of the IRIS Legal group) will maintain its London presence with its offices in Fleet Street.

• There is an interesting footnote to this story as the soon-to-close Laserform London office in New Street, just opposite Liverpool Street Station, is actually owned by Barry Hawley-Green's pension fund. Barry Hawley-Green was the founder and original owner of Laserform who sold out to CSG (now IRIS) back in 2006. The lease on this office expires in May and Orange Rag sources report that over the last couple of months Barry Hawley-Green's people have been looking over the building with a view to converting it into residential accommodation. A neighbouring building in New Street has already received planning consent to be converted from office to residential use. As for Laserform's old head office in Lymm (just a few miles away from the new Knutsford centre), the lease on this building is also due to expire later this year – and the landlord of this building is also the Hawley-Green pension fund.