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IRIS makes another acquisition

IRIS Software Group has announced the acquisition
of Shaw’s Forms on Disk by IRIS.
Shaw’s Forms on Disk is well known in the legal sector and
by local government departments as a specialist provider of legal
and local government forms in electronic format. Shaw’s serves
around 800 customers.

Martin Leuw, Group Chief Executive of IRIS said: “The
acquisition of Shaw’s Forms on Disk brings a large number of legal
practice customers to our forms business, many of whom will already
be users of IRIS Legal practice software.  It also allows us
to extend our electronic forms business to the local government
sector where Shaw’s brings its expertise and range of specialist

Following the acquisition Shaw’s Forms on Disk will continue to
operate from its base in Crayford, Kent to ensure that it is
’business as usual‘ for customers.

Comment: Although this is not a 'big' acquisition on the scale of the earlier CSG deals, Shaws are one of the key (and long established) players in the electronic forms market. Along with adding to the existing IRIS forms business (via Laserforms) this acquisition also puts further pressure on the other forms players, in particular Oyez. It also refutes the view that IRIS has run out of steam and/or money. The company has a plan, and while its execution may be patchy at times, it is still pushing forward.

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