The former editor of the Sunday Express newspaper John Junor used to say “We don’t do irony on this newspaper.” Not because he didn’t like it but because he appreciated it was far too easy for people to misunderstand the joke and take offence. Falling into the category of it-seemed-funny-at-the-time-but-now-we’re-not-so-sure is this video – which has just surfaced on YouTube – of Mike Lynch and other senior executives of Autonomy in a spoof Mafia/Godfather movie.

The video, made for a sales conference in Miami several years ago – and long before the HP deal – features Autonomy founder and former CEO “Big Mike” Lynch hosting a weekly sales catch-up for the Sicilian Music Society – SMS was also the abbreviated name of the company’s Sales Management System. On the call with Big Mike are CTO Peter Menell, AKA Petie Boy, CFO Sushovan Hussain, AKA Little Sushie, and Concilliary Kanter, also known as COO Andrew Kanter.

The original clip has been taken off YouTube but here’s another one we found