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Is Sharepoint just a corporate virus ?

Now here's an interesting report… CMS Watch (a US-based analyst firm that evaluates document and content management technologies) has found that although Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 brings improved collaboration facilities over previous editions, it comes at the cost of a dearth of enterprise management services, leading to rampant viral proliferation and instances of uncontrolled content, as well as major compliancy risks.

According to CMS Watch principal Alan Pelz-Sharpe: “The latest version of SharePoint, MOSS 2007, is running as rampant in large enterprises as the previous version. On the one hand, this is testimony to its well-deserved popularity for simple document collaboration, but it also leads to serious management problems that Microsoft itself can't adequately address today.”

As the number of MOSS instances grows, enterprises can in fact reach a point of negative returns where an inability to manage proliferating SharePoint silos becomes a hidden but serious enterprise management risk. Customers then require compliance tools are needed along with industrial strength archiving – costs that most enterprises have not budgeted for. “Larger enterprises are beginning to realize that they need to invest in developing genuine ECM strategies to bring some order to this chaos,” says Pelz-Sharpe.

Among many customers CMS Watch finds IT departments enthusiastically promoting SharePoint, since end users and departments can install and run these small repositories themselves. However in time this comes back to haunt IT, as it leaves the firms open to compliance failure and e-discovery exposures, along with servers and networks running hot hosting mountains of redundant data.

So there you have it – your MOSS implementation could turn into a self-inflicted corporate virus. The report is available for purchase at

2 replies on “Is Sharepoint just a corporate virus ?”

I suspect that this is really a “No Surprise(sic) Sherlock” to those of us who have been really considering the use of MOSS2007 in a Legal Environment and who have been roadmapping its potential (and to those of us who know how often technology is offered for it's own sake in legal and then never used)
Although MOSS2007 will set limits on site sizes and de-provision unused sites, the real trick is to allow semi-automated templated site creation based on other enterprise data (matters of a certain worktype with a certain estimated value range for example) and to control access in a similar fashion (Fee Earners recording time against such matters) – and then of couse to archive such sites to cheap near-line storage for longer term compliance and evidential purposes.
Now – any volunteers to write that?

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