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It was 20 years ago today… that SMS texting went live

Or how tm flys whn UR havin fun

One for the record books – it was 20 years ago today (3rd December 1992) that the world’s first SMS text message was transmitted. It read Merry Christmas and was sent to staff attending a Vodafone Christmas party by Neil Papworth, who then worked with a Vodafone R&D team in Newbury (Berkshire, England that is).

According to The Guardian newspaper, last year we sent more than 8 trillion texts – and round 15 million new texts leave our mobile screens every minute. The 18-to-25 year-old demographic is the heaviest user of texting by age however Filipinos are the heaviest users as a nation, sending an average of 27 messages a day. This contrasts with the UK where we manage a modest average of 50 a week.