Aderant today (27 October) formally launches iTimekeep Thrive to help law firms to create, monitor and enforce timekeeping policies, as COVID increases the need for visibility into how fee-earners spend their working day.

Thrive, which is compatible with the major practice management systems, incorporates a wizard that takes you step by step through your daily, monthly and annual timekeeping goals as well as how you want to manage deadlines. Each policy owner has insight into analytics evaluating compliance.

Speaking to Legal IT Insider, Marie Burgess, senior director for product management at Aderant said: “I don’t think there is anything else that helps firms to automate and manage their time keeping policies.”

Aderant acquired iTimekeep as part of its acquisition of Bellefield in December 2019. Burgess said of the new functionality: “This was started by Bellefield prior to the acquisition and we have been working with a small number of clients on Thrive. We’ve been building on their feedback based on initial usage.

“Over COVID we’ve seen changes in behaviour around timekeeping policies and firms want greater visibility into what fee-earners are doing; how they are managing their goals; and how they are they tracking on their deadlines. Firms are moving towards looking at timekeeping on a daily basis. It’s not a case of ‘can you get your time in at the end of the month’ but a shift towards getting more granular and using timekeeping to analyse efficiency and productivity within a remote working environment.”

Historically contemporaneous time keeping has presented a myriad of issues but Thrive helps to automate the process of setting up and managing rules. It incorporates the ability to incentivise or penalise fee-earners.

Burgess said: “All of the measurements feed into the overall analytics as to how good you are at managing your time.”