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It's Aderant – the Thorpedo has arrived

After the speculation of the past few days, it has now been confirmed that David Thorpe has joined Aderant, where he is taking up the newly created role of General Manager, EMEA. In fact if you are an Aderant user in the UK, you could be meeting him (along with senior V-P for sales & marketing Don Howren) as early as this morning. As a senior executive, Thorpe will be responsible for managing Aderant’s operations throughout the UK and Continental Europe, supporting sales, and interfacing with law firms and other professional services organisations.

Thorpe is one of a number senior appointments/lateral hires that Aderant has made in recent weeks.

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Good news for all parties involved; David, ADERANT, the EMEA operation, EMEA Partrners and most importantly the client base.
A keen observer would know that the client base in particular are appreciative of the stability and direction that ADERANT have brought to “the product formerly known as CMS” over the past couple of years.
David Thorpes appointment will add to the sense of well (and better) being.
Add to that the fact that 3E is rightly gaining traction, then we have a healthy competitive market emerging once again.
Now all we need in the current climate are Partnerships who are willing to make best use of the products available, and suppliers who are agile enough to respond to the climate …

Aderant and Elite both operate at the higher end of the market and neither yet has a completed and stable workflow, or process-driven solution, so buyers beware – you are buying into a vision…as ever that means looking closely at the companies involved to see what the future holds. Don't forget SAP and Tata too – at least their products are proven as process-driven, albeit not particularly in Legal yet, they are one to watch at the high-end as there's lots going on behind the scenes. That's when the real competition will start. Aderant and Elite really need to fight it out in the top 150 or so Firms quickly and before SAP moves in – it's coming soon if the indicators are correct. None of these suppliers' offerings truly fits the smaller law firm – the products are too complex and costly to implement and are built with the needs of International Firms in mind, so smaller firms would be paying for r&d they would be unlikely to benefit from.

The yo-yo between these two suppliers traction continues – as a user in a large firm, networked to many peers, the impression is that Aderant have out-performed Elite in the UK over the past 3 years winning more new names, mainly on account of them having had some good people running the show here, but also in part down to what appeared to be Elite's premature lauching of 3e which halted sales of Enterprise.

yawn, and SAP apparently have 3 or 4 deals that will be signed in the next few months, or did have back in June when it was reported by the Orange Rag.

I agree, Aderant seem to back on track after a quiet few years but I'm looking forward to the real fight between the other two, SAP and Elite. Let's not forget that these two are huge organisations, with Elite now a part of the Thomson Reuters business, and therefore they have the backing (cash) and resource to deliver much more functionality and any size of project – I'd like to see SAP sign up a few more clients in the legal space to make it interesting.

Elite may have the cash backing….doesn't mean they have the expertise

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