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Trending: It’s au revoir from Daniel Pollick, CIO at DLA Piper

This just in from Daniel Pollick, CIO and director of transformation at DLA Piper..

This just in from Daniel Pollick, CIO and director of transformation at DLA Piper:


The news is beginning to seep out, so I thought it the right time to tell friends and colleagues in the industry and beyond.

I’m leaving DLA Piper on 23 March, after just over 23 years at the firm. It’s been quite a ride…..

As for what comes next, I have no idea. At the moment I feel almost delirious at the prospect of several months of doing not much at all. It will be the first time for more than 30 years that I have had more than 2 weeks off, I think.

I do have some plans, including:

· catching up on my MSc, on which I embarked so boldly and complacently a few months ago
· repaying some of the amazing support I have had from my wife over the years
· taking my dad on a cruise

After that, who knows? I may find myself unable to break free of the closed ecosystem that is the legal IT community, or perhaps I might see if I can do something completely different.

If you’d like to catch up, for a drink, a chat, or anything else, you can find me on LinkedIn, or via my mobile number below which will stay with me, or at my personal email address. [details withheld here]

Many thanks to you all for your friendship and collegiality over the years.


We have been aware of Daniel’s impending departure since just after our Legal Leaders IT Forum in Gleneagles, where Daniel gave a talk – without a doubt the highlight of the conference – on the ‘Not Petya’ global cyber incident that affected DLA along with many other corporates worldwide. We will bring you the highlights shortly of that talk, in which Daniel shared invaluable insights into the lessons learned.

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Wow, 23 years is pretty amazing, especially given the change that you’ve seen in that time @ DLA. Maybe there’s a book in there somewhere Thanks again for the talk that you gave at GlenLegal, that really summed up what the Legal Community is all about!
All the very best Daniel and hopefully we’ll see you staying in the Legal IT Community.

Its been an absolute privilege working under the leadership of you Daniel for my 12 years at DLA Piper, your enthusiasm at the recruitment evening in 2006 was the main reason I decided to join the firm. Your vision and drive always pushing us to strive for excellence is why the IT Department you have built has come through the biggest challenge in all our careers. You definitely need to write a book.
Good luck in whatever you decide to do,


I didn’t get the chance to say hello as well as congratulate you on the delivery of your talk at Gleneagles. It was easily the highlight of the conference. You also made me think a lot about what we do and how we do it. Especially the segregation point..

All the best


It’s been 14 years since I left DLA but those memories are such good ones, and Dene Rowe – fellow ex-DLA – and I often reminisce, with the highlights being Pollick and his boundless enthusiasm, vision, presentation skills and wit.

Hearing that Pollick is moving on feels weird. Like, if my mum had announced she’s leaving the country. (Which actually she did, but only to Wales, so… bad example).

Best of luck to you Daniel and thank you for your wise words over the years, starting with when I was the fresh faced IT Trainer in Brum.

Good luck Daniel!

If you need me to put you touch with NASA just say. I’ll put a good word in via Gene Kranz.

Enjoy some time off!

Eric – Paper River

Not sure I can support the idea of a book Stu, you know very well that what goes on on tour…
Daniel, THANK YOU. Although many would like more rapid change I can reflect on my Wang work in the 80’s, Novell in the 90’s, BPM in the naughties and now full scale Process Automation / AI. You have contributed much to the journey with your insight and invention.

If it wasn’t for Daniel I wouldn’t know about Rabbit phones (before my time, but some of you might remember) or that Hale & Pace could fly planes.

Fresh out of uni and 200 miles away from home, 12 years at DLA allowed me to build a career in the niche world of Legal IT (can lawyers use computers, my family would ask..) – Thanks for your support over the years, Daniel and best of luck with whatever you do in the future.

Good luck Daniel, hard to find someone in that position that cared so much about everyone in the department, a wonderful person and a fantastic CIO! I’m sure you will be sorely missed,

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