OK, so it is now the countdown to Christmas, with a lot of people checking out tonight and not coming back until after the New Year. We’ll be running a few funnies on the website over the holiday season – as well as obviously carrying details of any major breaking news stories in the unlikelihood of any happening over the next couple of weeks. But, in the meantime, let’s look at how law firms and vendors have been responding to Christmas…

Have we received our Xmas card from Lewis Silkin? The answer is yes and for about the 99th year in a row, Lewis Silkin has not only been the sender of the first Christmas card of the season (thank you Jan Durant) but also the funniest. This year’s theme is Dancing with Stars in their Eyes aka the Lewis Silkin guide to Seasonal Dance Crimes – you just know the Dad Dancer has taken to the dance-floor because Brown Sugar from the Rolling Stones is playing!


Have we received our Xmas party hat from Inksters Solicitors in Scotland? Yes, and once agin we’ll be out looking for an interesting photo-opportunity. This year Inksters have teamed up with the Scottisn Ensemble and are looking for pix with a musical theme.

Have we received any e-cards? Yes we have and we rate this one from Linetime as the best. www.katiescards.com/company/view-card.aspx?code=njdlhgqyzbltogspbxka8014115378

Have we received any card (print or digital) that have tried to combine a seasonal message with a commercial message? Yes we have and by far the most sucessful was from legal training and expert witness specialist Bond Solon.


And our special award goes to Tikit, for this little animation which is just so ludicrous www.jibjab.com/view/SuikeKObLHtKs6SLqQDI

Finally, a big, big thank you to everyone who has sent their good wishes to Insider editor Charles Christian over the past few weeks. Your messages have been warm, welcoming and touching…