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January issue American Legal Technology Insider out now

The January issue (No#42) of the American Legal Technology Insider newsletter is out now. Top stories include: Microsoft Sharepoint as a DMS platform takes a credibility blow as Old Guard win in head-to-head shoot-out + whatever happened to the Aderant StarLaw DMS?

You can download a free copy Here. The next issue will be published on Thursday 9th February – Click here to subscribe and see the full archive.

4 replies on “January issue American Legal Technology Insider out now”

Re: “Microsoft Sharepoint as a DMS platform takes a credibility blow as Old Guard win in head-to-head shoot-out” – is that really the full picture? The real question is surely the actual reason for the decision ie was it in fact a shoot out or was it that the organisation wasn't ready to take the plunge with a different, leading edge approach?

Or is it the case that now the 'egos' who used SharePoint DMS as a personal marketing platform have moved on to new shiny objects, the old school requirements of stability, scalability, functionality and cost have won the day? – perhaps the most telling statistihe would be the number of firms who have invested in SharePoint and still don't use it as a DMS.

Great news combined with banners ad's for Stawlaw on page 1!

I don't think anyone proposed that the legal industry would rush to SharePoint anytime soon. Having said that, there are a number of law firms that have announced they are moving to SharePoint (some on this very blog) which at least shows it as a viable option. I also think it's strange to have a shootout between iManage and SharePoint. Anyone who thinks SharePoint would win on legal specific features must be smoking something. The reason firms will consider SharePoint are more about cost, tighter integration with office and the ability to customize the platform for a range of services. It's far too early to say who will be the long-term winner in the DM space, but what is certain is that SharePoint will catch up in terms of functionality either on its own or through the excellent third party products available from Macroview, Workshare and the like. My view is that iManage is the safer option, but SharePoint is a braver strategic move that will pay off, but just not today. That’s my view, a not so brave anonymous person.

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