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January issue of American Legal Technology Insider out now

The January issue (No.18) of American Legal Technology Insider is out now. To access this issue click on the PDF attachment below.

The top stories this month include the fact despite the enormous hype surrounding technologies such as Twitter, RSS, Facebook and blogging, their take-up by large US law firms has not been as widespread as might have been expected. Data compiled by My Corporate (there was a mid-December cut-off) reveals that of the AmLaw 100 firms: 39% have active blogs, 34% were running RSS feeds, 29% were regularly tweeting on Twitter and just 12% had a presence on Facebook. Of the AmLaw 100 firms, the earliest any of them had been on Twitter was October 2008 (Weil Gotshal) and five had only started tweeting in Q4 2009. Patton Boggs had the largest number of followers (1336), while 13 firms had less than 200 followers.

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A US reader writes “As for the lack of social media adoption – isn't that more evidence of the law/legal vertical being technology laggards than a repudiation of the tools?”

I wouldn't necessarily agree. There are probably multiple reasons – one being IT teams running around with a solution without understanding or even having a problem.

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