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Jersey's oldest firm buys Eclipse

Jersey  law firm Le Gallais & Luce (believed to be one oldest law firms in the Channel Islands)  has selected Eclipse’s Proclaim practice management software after an in-depth review of the market's offerings. As well as the core Proclaim Case Management system, the firm is implementing Proclaim Accounts to form a fully-integrated PMS.  Eclipse will be tailoring the delivered system to take into account both the wide range of casetypes managed by Le Gallais & Luce and the unique elements of property law in Jersey, one of the firm's key offerings.

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Make that 88% retention. Peapod has signed Parker Arrenberg Dawson Cobb in Catford

Oh please – I am happy to engage in a bit of Iris bashing but losing one client does not result in a 1% drop in client retention unless you only had 100 clients in the first place.
Mathematical Pedant

Not sure why you would put that new business win announcement up anonymously Mr Wimbush.

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