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Just in time for Christmas office party season – Cosmo guide to avoiding flu

Just in time for the Christmas office party season (and yes it is the Tikit party in London tomorrow) the American edition of Cosmopolitan magazine has published its guide on how to avoid swine flu in a social setting. Recommendations include…
• No hugging – just give people a squeeze on their upper arms
• No handshakes (or presumably hi-fives) as open hands are viral hotspots – instead merely bump fists
• No lip kissing – instead blow air kisses at people
• Oh, yes, and if you are going to have sex, skip the missionary position and instead go straight into the 'reverse cow-girl' position (see diagram).

No really, this is what Cosmo recommends. Of course some people might suggest that if you're going to have sex, then picking up a cold is the least of your health concerns. We are also reliably informed that the reverse cow-girl plays havoc with photocopiers. And 'no' we don't think 'goofing off' is a euphemism.

5 replies on “Just in time for Christmas office party season – Cosmo guide to avoiding flu”

I know there is the diagram but isn't bumping fists the thing that Julian clary got in to trouble for suggesting he had been doing to the then chancellor some years back. Getrting lucky on the photocopier is one thing but that might cause talk in the office the following day.

Yet another article that shows this site is turning into a News Of The World rather than The Sunday Times. This used to be a really good medium for swapping comments. Sadly, not any more.

I'd take Cosmo over the Sunday Times any weekend, and juding by the comments that have been flowing this month in a variety of posts, I don't think Charles is losing too much sleep over site traffic.

I'm sure Cosmo (as one of the leading IT Directors is affectionately known) is flattered by your offer

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