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Justis’s online legal citator increases its Jersey coverage

Justis Publishing Ltd is pleased to announce that its provider-neutral legal citator, JustCite, now indexes both The Jersey Law Reports and the Jersey Judgments series.

Masoud Gerami, managing director of Justis Publishing, said: “I am delighted to welcome the Jersey collection to our JustCite family. Jersey is one of the most well-known Crown Dependencies, and is a leading offshore financial centre. The cases and laws of Jersey are of interest to both domestic and international commercial practitioners.”

The news is the latest in a long string of multi-jurisdiction activities from Justis, which has recently expanded its Australia and Singapore coverage on its JustCite service, and forms part of its drive to index a growing list of common law jurisdictions’ law reports and journal articles.

The laws of Jersey have an international appeal, with many cases having a particular focus on banking, tax, foundations and trusts, and financial services. Influenced by English and French legal systems, they have their roots in Norman law.

The Jersey Judgments, which are provided by The Jersey Legal Information Board (JLIB) , contain the judgments published by Jersey’s Royal Court from 1950 to 1984. The Jersey Law Reports, also from JLIB, cover matters of lasting legal importance from Jersey’s Royal Court and Court of Appeal from 1985 onwards. JustCite not only places these cases in context, but also seamlessly links to their full text online.

JustCite can be tailored to fit both simple and detailed searches for cases, and also sorts results intelligently based on the relationship cases share with one another. The addition of The Jersey Law Reports and the Jersey Judgments means JustCite now indexes over 5,000 cases from the jurisdiction, and reinforces its position as the most far-reaching legal citator in the world.