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Kay Betts going from Elite

Kay Betts, who has headed EMEA support operations for Elite for 10 plus years, has been made redundant.

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I'd be interested to know the reason behind this decision; is Elite in more trouble than we all first thought? Kay is one of the best known names of Elite in the UK and, assuming this was not voluntary, is a strange move for the business to make. Of course we don't know the detail, but it doesn't exactly inspire confidence…

The reason being that 3E is so stable no support is required.

She gave me a job after I was made redundant by another supplier; I hope that someone does the same for her.

This is dire news indeed for Elite, but perhaps good news for one of the other vendors in the marketplace, as long as they move quickly!

Or could it be that 3E is so hopeless that no amount of support will help, hence no need for a support team? Nonetheless, this is another great loss for Elite and more evidence of the suits acting from spreadsheets rather than customer considerations.

Oh.My.G*d. Kay was made redundant? What, they don't need a manager for support any more? Where is the full story? Is it a cost-cutting measure, does she know where too many bodies are buried, or are Elite publicly and painfully shooting themselves in the foot?

A cost cutting measure? Clearly not as Elite is the jewel in ThomsonReutersThingmyjig's crown. Rumours of it being a mere rounding error (negative at that) in the group accounts are totally unfounded. Even if true. Which they aren't. Maybe.
Ratners. Woolies. The VHS Recorder. Pop Tarts. Elite.

These comments demonstrate only the ignorant ramblings of a fool. Elite, and Lexis Nexis for that matter are not immune to the GFC, and who knows what recent events in Dubai will do to world markets – let's hope the 'W' doesn't emerge. It's an unfortunate reality, but companies need to ensure long term viability and sometimes this includes restructures that mean good people go. It's a sign of good business management when tough calls are made, and I'd duplicate this post in the current LN thread going down this same line.
OK it makes for amusing reading briefly, and I'm sure this poster's weekly bar tab matches their therapy bills (this level of vitriol only generally pours from a select and jaded few within the legal industry), but perhaps a stretch to something approaching rational business discussion might elevate the site.

I'm surprised to learn that this thread is actually about an Elite restructure necessary for long term viability. I thought it was about expressions of shock for the departure of a well respected member of staff. Shows what I know.

Maybe you could explain the “good business management” that has seen Elite plunge from a well respected supplier who developed working software that it released on time and installed on time, to today's joke who has broken software, demoralised staff and is losing money hand over fist. And yes, there is a global financial crisis but does that make you develop crap software?
BTW, since, as you say, there is another thread along similar lines with LN, it couldn't perhaps be that book publishers know bugger all about running software companies could it? Let me ask. Is there a single software company in this market that has been taken over by a non-software company who is making more money than it did before? These people bought software companies for no reason other than land-grab without realising that the business models were totally different.
And before you go off on another round of 'non-facts' in spite of the GFC there ARE legal software vendors around at the moment who seem to be doing quite well. But they are the ones with good products, good management and good customer focus.
And I would have thought the last thing to do when times are tough is to let the good people go. But then I'm clearly not as gifted as you. But at least I have no bar tab; I don't drink.

I have known Kay since she first took control of the customer service for Elite and as far as I am personally concerned built it up to a 1st class efficient and highly respected unit. In my opinion, she is the most respected person in Elite that us humble users in the UK have access to. Whoever made this decision I hope they are going to stand up and be counted so we all know who is to be placed in the stocks and I will be first in line, although I am sure I will have a hard fight to be the first of many to throw the most rotted vegetables we can find.
I think we humble users of Elite who's employers contribute a significant amount to the salaries of the senior management of Thomson may need to become more active to ensure there is no deteriation in the excellent and professional service we have had up to now received from the team lead by Kay Betts.

I will be very sorry to see Kay go !
Kay Betts is the only person at Elite UK who knows the client base. In my opinion, Kay is an asset that Elite can ill afford to lose, and Kay will be sorely missed !!
Jasen Cavalli

Kay will be sorely missed by Thomson Elite's users. She has always lead the UK support team from the front and offered a high level of professionalism to clients, making us feel that our thoughts and concerns were being heard.
I think that this is a terrible decision and know that there will be a great deal of anger from the user community when the news becomes more widespread,
Andrew Foster

I worked with Kay long before she went to Elite via CA from Axxia nee Mannesmann. I would have thought that some more thought should have gone into her dismissal, and I hope this is something that Elite (Thomson's) don't live to regret.

After more than 10 years building, developing and running the Support Team at Elite UK, along with a decade of client contact, (I meant client relationship management at the coal face), this could tear Elite apart. She knows what she is doing, talks straight, is dedicated to the customer. A Lady at the top of her game, who makes the game better. I can't believe the decision – bean counter madness that they will live to regret. Cut out the dead wood, not the main trunk. When will the user community vote with their wallets? Where is the petition to the Trans Atlantic management? Where is the extraordinary user group meeting to protest the decision? I reckon most if not all will be sorry once she has gone. Don't let her go quietly, better yet, don't let them let her go

The corporate website says:
“Elite Professional Services is comprised of the most experienced personnel in the industry. Clients benefit from the knowledge and expertise that Elite has gained through decades of experience working in the legal and professional services industry. A highly skilled team includes CPAs, MBAs and other specialists, offering a blend of domain knowledge and market sector expertise that is second to none.
Elite builds a long-term partnership with clients to ensure that solutions help them solve today’s business challenges and face tomorrow’s opportunities. A comprehensive portfolio of services is available to support a broad array of needs. From business process consulting, solution implementation and specialized technical services to ongoing support, education and training, Elite Professional Services is there to help clients every step of the way.”
That's all accurate isn't it?
If you wanted to really voice your opinions in a formal way, I would go directly to Kim Massana or Steve Buege. Alternatively, Zoe Martin (from CMS Cameron McKenna) is the International User Group chairperson.

Rumour from Aldgate House is that all Elite staff have been told they are not to post comments on this forum after an unapproved post some months back from a staff member who used their name. I doubt you will get a response.

But the Orange Rag has gzillions of readers – both Elite users and prospective Elite users – so its arguably a more powerful forum

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