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Updated: Breaking: Kaye Sycamore returns to Intapp

The legal IT jungle drums have been growing louder over the past week and we can confirm that Kaye Sycamore is indeed returning to Intapp from Peppermint Technology, which she joined less than a year ago.

The legal IT jungle drums have been growing louder over the past week and we can confirm that Kaye Sycamore is indeed returning to Intapp from Peppermint Technology, which she joined less than a year ago.

In May 2016, Peppermint announced that Sycamore, who has over 25 years’ experience in legal tech, was joining as chief sales and marketing officer, in a major coup for one of the newest practice management system providers on the block.

According to Sycamore, who originally hails from Auckland, New Zealand, the short-lived appointment is down to the fact that she misses the more global role at Intapp, where for six years she held the post of regional vice president for EMEA & APAC.

That role was filled in July 2016 by Thomson Reuters heavyweight Chris Turk. However, Sycamore will be charged with undertaking a number of discrete projects with global accounts as her role is formalised.

“We’re delighted and fortunate to welcome Kaye Sycamore back to the Intapp team,” said Don Coleman, Intapp’s COO. “She possesses a unique combination of knowledge, skill and tenacity — all of which will be put to great use as we invest in our continuing growth and commitment to customer success moving forward.”

When asked about the move by Legal IT Insider, Peppermint said: “We will be sad to see Kaye leave Peppermint but understand InTapp have created a unique role for Kaye which will play to all her  strengths and personal ambitions. We wish her every success and know she will be a great ambassador of Peppermint in the market.  In her time at Peppermint Kaye has built some strong foundations for our sales team to build on and that’s exactly what we will do.  In the last 12 months we have had some great new wins and very successful new sites go live. It’s great to be at this stage in the Peppermint journey where our early clients are really unlocking the business value of the Peppermint CX platform. We are helping firms to be the firm their clients want them to be and that will always be our most effective sales voice.”

Update: panic not people, in the February issue of the Orange Rag, out 22 February, we take a detailed look at Peppermint’s track record to date and whether it is delivering on its promises to the market.

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Perhaps more accurately she found-out that Peppermint has nothing worth selling, other than an interesting story and weak value proposition.

Well at least we know where the British Labour Party should turn to for its very necessary spin-meister. Are Peppermint saying that neither they nor Ms Sycamore realised that Nottingham is a city in the middle of a little isolated island? And did neither of them realise that Peppermint don’t have too many global clients? Oh, and that they don’t even support global requirements in their software?

The truth must surely be that this is the CSO/CMO walking away and there is generally only one reason for that-failure to hit the numbers. That’s two big sales names gone within 12 months (Thorpe being the other). Worrying times whatever spin is put on it.

But at least the wages bill reduces. So not all bad.

We have a full piece on Peppermint coming out in Legal IT Insider on 22 February, the issue we’re currently going to press on. CH

Perhaps she rejoined because Intapp is simply a better place to work.

I’ve just read the article in the rag. I’ve never seen anything published that exposes the position with a vendor’s clients in that detailed way ever before. However, I’m sure we’d see similar war stories if the insider were to go to do some research. Having reviewed the platform for use by firms without multi currency or multi jurisdictional needs, it is a sound proposition.

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