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Kazeon launches Fourth Generation Software for eDiscovery

Kazeon Systems Inc, a provider of innovative e-discovery systems, has today announced the availability of its fourth generation eDiscovery software for use by corporations, legal service providers and law firms. Kazeon’s solution solves a wide range of customer challenges such as inhouse e-discovery, internal investigations, audits, legal hold and retention management, and GRC.

Kazeon’s fourth generation software maintains a modular version providing three best-of-breed products – Analysis & Review, Collection & Culling and Legal Hold Management. All three products are integrated within a single, underlying software platform to ensure a smooth workflow while eliminating hidden costs that exist in a multi-vendor or disparate product strategy. Further, Kazeon has developed an entirely new distributed, collaborative legal application, the eDiscovery Case Manager, that manages legal cases from ‘womb-to-tomb’ and is geared toward the legal counsel and litigation support staff.

“With its new application, Kazeon takes a case-based approach enabling attorneys and litigation support specialists to transform electronic discovery processes thus resulting in significant cost savings,” said Brian Babineau, a senior analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group. “By offering a modular solution that addresses multiple aspects of the electronic discovery process such as Analysis & Review, Kazeon enables customers to automate once-manual tasks in a secure and defensible manner.”

“After a comprehensive evaluation of various options in the market, Atheros has chosen Kazeon to solve our in-house e-discovery needs. We found Kazeon’s eDiscovery software to be the most comprehensive and scalable solution to meet our inhouse e-discovery demands. Kazeon’s solution performs in-depth analysis and review of electronically stored information (ESI) across multiple repositories (Editors note: including  email servers, file shares, archives, content repositories, SharePoint portals, laptops/desktops and remote offices). Their dynamic concept search and analytics visualization are helpful new additions to our e-discovery process” said Bernice Chen, Director of Intellectual Property, Atheros.
The Kazeon fourth generation software includes:

•    An Analysis & Review set of capabilities such as patented analytics, concept extraction and search, search results visualization, result and review filtering, query expansion, email thread analytics, and interactive & fast review. It also provides exhaustive, transparent, accurate auditing and data verification reports to enable complete defensibility of the e-discovery process. Kazeon’s review workflow includes linear review, collaboration across multiple reviewers, support for multiple law firm review, and review escalation workflow.

•    Key advancements in Legal Hold such as identification of ESI based on case requirements, eg custodians, date ranges, concepts etc, case-based legal hold management, enforcement of legal hold, reporting of legal hold and finally, releasing legal hold when required. All of these can be performed in-place or in target repositories.

•    Several innovative Collection & Culling features such as fully indexed or index-less targeted collection, and a forensically sound and defensible collection from any source, including USB drives, thumb drives and laptops. Further, legal users can perform their own collection & culling for each case without IT assistance using the simplified case-based application.

“Kazeon’s  capabilities surpass those of any other inhouse e-discovery software in the industry,” said Karthik Kannan, Kazeon’s VP of Marketing. “Our market-leadership is validated by enterprise customers such as Atheros, Subaru, Boehringer-Ingelheim and Wageworks who are leveraging Kazeon’s full functionality eDiscovery software to fulfill their inhouse enterprise e-discovery needs such as early case assessments, while keeping their costs and risks extremely low.”