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Kennedys going with Elite 3E – updated again

Here's the formal announcement – and yes the original posting did result from a premature tweet from Elite…

Kennedys, with eight UK and seven international offices, has signed with ELITE 3E to take advantage of its standards-based platform and sophisticated application development capabilities. After nearly doubling in size in the past four years, Kennedys recognized the need to enhance its financial and practice management capabilities in order to remain competitive and to respond to client needs effectively.  Following a detailed procurement exercise, Kennedys selected the 3E platform to replace its current financial system (Tikit’s Firmware).

“We needed a more capable solution to handle the increasingly complex needs of our clients and staff. 3E provides an open platform that allows us to tailor it around our business processes and deliver precise information to clients and decision makers more quickly,” said Ian Lauwerys, IT director at Kennedys. “In addition, we feel 3E will sufficiently scale to meet our continued growth and international expansion for the long-term.”

Initial implementation will be focused on integrating 3E with Kennedys’ new customized case and matter management system built by Tikit, a leading independent provider of IT consultancy, services and technology to legal and accounting firms. 3E’s web-based system enables lawyers and staff to easily access key financial and matter information to help make more informed decisions in real time. Lauwerys is also excited about the benefits of 3E’s embedded workflow capabilities, configurable dashboards and general management-level visibility into the health of the firm.

Original posting...

Top 50 law firm Kennedys has signed up with Elite to 3E as its new practice management platform. The firm, which had been running Tikit Firmware, also considered Aderant, as well as remaining with Tikit Firmware, before selecting the Elite PMS.

Comment: We've since been told that this may have been a premature announcement from Elite but it is confirmed that Kennedys “wanted to join the mainstream” for their PMS platform. Reports also suggest that “they didn’t consider Firmware” and that “Aderant didn’t get a look in either”.

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There seems to be a growing number of firms upgrading their PMS, a trend which may indicate a general improvement in the business environment, certainly in legal at least.
Predictions for 2010? I'd say this year will see the most number of firms change systems since the mid 90's. Anyone else want to take a punt?

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