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King & Gowdy move to Bighand DDS and smartphones

King & Gowdy Solicitors has upgraded to BigHand digital dictation workflow technology and smartphone apps. Replacing the firm’s incumbent standalone dictation system and analogue tapes with BigHand software has enabled King & Gowdy to increase productivity, substantially reduce support costs and improve document turnaround times.

King & Gowdy partner Edith Gowdy said “Before upgrading to BigHand, partners and fee earners used a combination of standalone and analogue dictation equipment. Support direct from BigHand offers us far greater value and using the software on our smartphones reduces hardware costs, making the price very competitive.  

“The main issue with standalone systems is that the device needs to be docked for dictations to reach the assistant for transcription. This made it difficult for secretaries to prioritise their work; the backlog of dictations could jump from single to triple digits in a morning! With BigHand fee earners can submit dictations to secretaries instantly from any location, so secretaries have a more manageable flow of dictations to work through.

“BigHand for BlackBerry and iPhone has improved our fee earners’ mobile productivity. They can now record and submit a dictation whilst waiting at a station, at court or from home, and it’s transcribed by the time they are next in the office. The ability to attach documents to dictations, rather than emailing them separately, saves even more time. BigHand has completely revolutionised how work is done in our office, improving productivity for both partners and secretaries. It is also incredibly intuitive to use which is an added bonus.”                      

Comment: Will law firms still be buying discrete digital dictation hardware by the end of this year or will they be opting for smartphones?

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You can do a lot of things on a Smartphone, dictating a client letter on a train platform is one of those things.
Whether you think it is a secure and professional way to handle the interests of your client is another thing entirely.

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