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KM: Top Canadian firm Bennett Jones selects iManage Knowledge Unlocked

Bennett Jones LLP – a top Canadian law firm with more than 500 lawyers and seven offices across Canada and the United States – has extended its deployment of iManage Work by adopting iManage Knowledge Unlocked, which was made available by iManage in the summer of 2020 and productises RAVN AI.

Knowledge Unlocked helps firm to gain a better understanding of how members are using the KM system, including what searches they are carrying out and where the gaps are.

We’re told that Bennett Jones selected Knowledge Unlocked as a replacement for its previous enterprise search solution, which wasn’t keeping pace with innovation. The Knowledge Unlocked index powers the iManage knowledge graph, which helps to deliver curated, not just federated search results.

The Knowledge Unlocked solution has been branded internally by Bennett Jones as ‘Insight Search’. The solution enables the firm to surface key information from the firm’s DMS, knowledge bank, collection of closing books, and intranet.

Kate Simpson, national director of knowledge & practice innovation at Bennett Jones said in a statement: “At Bennett Jones, we’re thinking long term. We’re asking: How do we create a tech stack that that allows Bennett Jones to be the best it can be, and to know what it knows? The iManage platform plays a prominent role in providing that foundation and Knowledge Unlocked only strengthens and expands what we’re able to do. Knowledge Unlocked is the first step in an ongoing journey of how we connect and unlock insights across the organisation; the opportunities are multifold.”

“Bennett Jones’ usage of Knowledge Unlocked is fully keeping in spirit with its longstanding investment in knowledge management and technology infrastructure to promote collaboration, increase productivity, and drive efficiencies for its clients,” said Alex Smith, global product management lead, iManage RAVN. “With Knowledge Unlocked, Bennett Jones can easily surface precedents, insights, and best practices that give clients access to the full depth of knowledge and expertise of the firm – delivering value to clients in new and efficient ways.”

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