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Korbitec give up the GhostFill

It looks like the shake-out within the legal IT market is continuing, with the latest departure being the document assembly software system GhostFill. The following is the text of a message Amicus Attorney in the US sent to its consultants at the end of last week…

We have recently been informed by the management team at Korbitec (developers of GhostFill) that they will no longer be actively selling GhostFill in the generic document assembly market. We are disappointed with this decision and the implications it has for our consultants and customers.

The timing of this announcement is also difficult. As many of you know we have been expecting to have a link between Amicus 7 and GhostFill in the near future. We have been publicly stating this to both our consultants and our customers since the release of Amicus 7 in April. Up until now Korbitec’s position has been that they were working towards completing this integration. We have now been informed that they will not provide us with the completed link, as they will not be investing any more resources into the GhostFill product.

Korbitec has indicated that they will continue to support the GhostFill 5 platform for the next 12 months. After that, support for GhostFill customers will only be provided on a best efforts basis.

We are informing our consultants of this change before informing our customers. This will allow you time to discuss the situation with your Amicus Assembly and GhostFill clients. We will be making a public statement to our customers on Monday (ie 23rd October). In the meantime, we have immediately begun working on transition recommendations for our mutual customers. We will keep you informed in that regard.

Korbitec has been an excellent development partner for Gavel & Gown. While we are disappointed to hear of their retraction from our market, we wish them all the best in their future endeavors. The full text of the Korbitec announcement regarding GhostFill is attached below.

Best Regards,

Les Hansen
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Gavel & Gown Software Inc.


Dear Amicus Assembly Consultant

Re: GhostFill Document Assembly Software

Over the last couple of years, we at Korbitec have enjoyed unprecedented growth in the development and deployment of our own content based legal applications both in South Africa and in North America. In order to support these applications our development team has been hard at work creating a number of new generation document assembly software utilities.

The big question for us at Korbitec has been whether or not to compile these utilities into a new generation GhostFill product (the core software underlying the Amicus Assembly product). After careful deliberation, we have reached the conclusion that there is unfortunately no longer a good business case for us to continue retailing generic document assembly software. We are instead going to concentrate our extensive experience and expertise in document assembly, together with our new generation software, exclusively on developing and marketing our own content-based applications.

As a result we have decided that we will no longer actively sell GhostFill in the generic document assembly market. This means that we will no longer be enhancing generic GhostFill in its current form and we do not envisage releasing a successor to GhostFill 5 in the retail market. This also unfortunately means that we will not be releasing a version of the software that will be supported in the new Amicus Attorney v7 environment. All existing support and maintenance contracts involving the GhostFill software will be honored until their renewal date. We will also continue to maintain the GhostFill 5 software in terms of critical bug fixes for the next 12 months. Thereafter we will continue to provide support to all existing users of GhostFill on a best endeavors basis, but can offer no guarantees in this respect.

We regret any inconvenience that this decision may cause, however we are confident that given the robustness and maturity of the product, all GhostFill users will be able to continue working with the product for many years to come while they consider their options for migration to alternative platforms when required.       

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss this further.

The GhostFill Team at Korbitec.