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Land Data seeks new NLIS channel partners

Land Data, the NLIS regulator, is today launching the 2010 NLIS (the National Land Information Service) channel license programme, inviting companies to apply for a license to operate as a regulated provider of NLIS data. Under the terms of the license agreement, successful applicants will handle authoritative electronic conveyancing searches from official data providers including all local authorities in England and Wales, Land Registry, the Coal Authority and several water companies.  The official data is distributed to the licensed channels by the NLIS Hub.
The first phase of the NLIS channel license programme, launched in May 2009 generated a high level of interest which secured two new licensees, Thames Water Property Insight and Australian based information company GlobalX  Information.
Over the next 3 months, Land Data will brief applicants on the channel licensing options. The NLIS channel license fee costs £35,000 for 9 years, with no reoccurring annual payment.  The new channel roles will take effect in September 2010.
Ian Swithenbank CBE, Chairman IDeA and Deputy Chair LGA Executive said “Land Data is the official government appointed organisation that manages and regulates the National Land Information Service (NLIS) contracts. Today NLIS carries the sole mandate of providing the only official electronic ‘front door’ for local authorities. Land Data’s role is to ultimately provide consumers, via NLIS, with official electronic land and property information at a fair price, safe in the knowledge that this information is from source and delivered through the only regulated, secure and national provider in England and Wales.”

Applicants can download a channel license preview document and register their interest at