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Lateral Data adds eLit as Viewpoint partner

Electronic discovery software provider Lateral Data LP today announced that eLit, a provider of ediscovery and hosted review services, has become a Viewpoint partner. eLit will deliver its full range of discovery services on the Viewpoint all-in-one platform. With Viewpoint, eLit can leverage a single ediscovery tool across all clients and across all phases of the litigation lifecycle.

Viewpoint is an all-inclusive ediscovery platform that covers the core components of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) including Collection, Early Case Assessment, Processing, Analysis, Review and Production. By fully integrating all of these tools into one product, Viewpoint delivers complete functionality, streamlined workflow, robust features and analytics to all users throughout any project.

“By using one product to handle all phases of discovery, we no longer have to lose productivity by moving data between tools and we can offer our clients more predictable pricing and benefit from faster performance,” said David Hyre, VP of Technology at eLit. “We can reduce risk and improve defensibility for our clients in a cost-efficient way.”