Chilli Marketing become iChilliQ
Update your address books, from today (Tuesday 17th) Chilli Marketing Solutions become ChilliIQ – hope you all enjoy their rebranding launch party at the Orbit Lounge Bar in Sydney this evening.

Second NZ firm goes live on Elite 3E
New Zealand law firm Hesketh Henry has gone live on Elite 3E.  Elite say “The firm’s willingness to resource the project internally and train up their own team to build workflows and reports etc without the assistance of a specialist programmer paid big dividends. The firm’s management are pleased they did so and are very happy with the result. Their final conversion was finished literally days ahead of time and with only a few minor issues which were easily resolved. The firm was live on 3E in under 5 days from switching their legacy system off to processing in their new Elite environment.”

Hesketh Henry is the second 3E site in New Zealand – the sixth 3E site to go live in the past 40 days.  Of the other five firms: three were in the UK and two were in the US. All six sites were firms new to Elite and swapping over from competitor/legacy systems.

Elite add “New systems are always difficult and there is always some resistance to change. Hesketh Henry did a great job internally of training and communicating within their firm to generate excitement around the launch.” Here's one of the internal posters the firm used…