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Swerdlove is holding its inaugural TechShare 2010 Workshop Forum in Sydney on Friday 12th March. Peter Connelley of Swerdlove says the “event provides a unique opportunity for law firm business system analysts to network with their law industry peers and gain insight into real world implementations of the latest advances in practice management technology”.

The roundtable forum will be hosted by law technology consultant Derek Giles and include key speakers Tom Jones (Iridium Technology), Jon Short (Moray & Agnew) and Luke Kean (Clayton Utz). TechShare 2010 is targeted at practice systems administrators and other senior technical resources (those influencers at the coal face) of tier one and two law firms in Australia. The agenda includes: GoldenGate, DocuDraft, SQL 2008, Cloud Computing, Email Notification Systems, Data Dictionary, Cubes & Reporting Services, Basicscript coding, SQL 2008 using GL Data for Reporting from CMS, Development & Version Control
Further details can be found in the attached PDF document.

Following a successful 2009 year which saw a launch
of their new Outlook based user interface and a strong sales year, Caseflow has
partnered with Swerdlove as its New Zealand reseller  Swerdlove
will join Caseflow in their venture across the Tasman in what is to be the
first stage in their plans to take their successful Australian Case
Management System to law firms in NZ, Canada and the US.
“We caught up with Swerdlove Director Derek Giles at ILTA-09 and the
discussions soon focused on both organisations expansion plans.
It's a natural fit” said Paul Houghton, Vice President – Business Development
for Caseflow.


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I'm interested to know why 3E isn't included in this technology forum, as we're considering both will be part of our PMS review? Given 3E is the new product in the market, surely it fits the description “latest advances in practice management technology”. Is Swerdlove an Aderant reseller? We're looking for an independent consultancy to assist with our selection process – are there any out there?

Neil Cameron's Group
Peter Owen at Lights-on
Alex Young at Kestrel
Paul Longhurst at 3Kites

CC writes… Altho Kestrel now have an Australian office (see APAC news 13 August '09) you are going to run up a big bill shipping Neil, Pete or Paul down to Sydney for a consultancy project. (I think Neil prefers to fly first class.) And remember this story is about an Australian event. We've asked a couple of Australian consultants for their views & this is what they say…
“Out two live Elite 3E firms, both mid tier firms and are remaining very reticent to share issues and problems. At the moment Australia remains very much an Aderant shop. With Allens going to Expert recently (from Keystone) it is a reflection on the current state of affairs and not about new systems.”
“It is certainly an issue as it is increasingly becoming that 3E is not on the list for selections. XXXXX has a selection at the moment without them (Elite) making the short list.”

Another Australian consultant writes: A little objectivity might not go astray here. It is correct that Aderant currently have the most clients in the medium to large firm space in Australia having had a presence in the region far longer than Elite, however a more 'creative' use of information I've never seen.
In the interests of sharing bipartisan, factual information and giving Elite at least a little credit: Elite have 3 live 3E clients in Australia not 2, and a fourth going live this month apparently. Elite also have 2 clients recently live in New Zealand and another in process after securing the last 3 firms to come to market in NZ, not to mention a number of significant sites live on 3E across asia recently too, the most recent in Malaysia.
Though still the lesser in client numbers in AsiaPac Elite have won the majority of new business in the region in the past few years, so to suggest that they are marginalised or somehow irrelevant in the Australian market demonstrates either ingorance or the belief that CC's readers are dim witted – all of this information is freely available online should one care to spend 10 minutes investigating. Given the comments from CC's sources here I would recommend the poster asking after 'independent' assistance look elsewhere (for independent consultants, not up to the minute legal news, which of course the OR is excellent for!).

Kestrel are not independent – they are an Aderant partner

Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm under the impression no one at Swerdlove has any intimate technical knowledge of 3E. It's only natural they'd want to focus their interests on Aderant. A little disappointing I suppose.

Forgive the direct plug Charles but we feel we must defend our independence here 🙂
Kestrel is an independent consulting firm with close alliances to software suppliers that enable us to provide additional expertise in these areas. These formal and informal alliances include other software suppliers as well as ADERANT. Kestrel is working/has been involved in the implementation of a number of other solutions for the legal industry such as Oracle Financials, SAP, Flosuite, Streamline etc. and have worked on a number of objective selection projects over the years. CC, DK, AY

Come now kids – everyone just calm down and play nicely together down there.
We're only really talking about half a dozen decisions a year in that space and region, and they are very very rarely “market shifting” decisions.
Aderant is doing OK. Elite is doing OK. Can't that be enough?
Both have their issues (commercial and/or product related), and both have their plus sides (Aderant moving their first big Keystone user to another platform, and Elite getting the A&O site to leverage off).
One will do well over one period, another the next.
Could it be that both are doing well, but that the “partner” organisations and/or consultants are the ones feeling the pinch? Particularly if the trend is for the professional services sides of the vendor organisations to step up and play a larger role over and above seeking outside assistance?
The market is small enough there for any real decision maker at a firm of significant size to understand which resellers, partners, integrators, consultants etc are independent, and which have “agreements” in place, and yes, some have agreements with more than one vendor. That's OK too.
Obviously, most firms seek the assistance of an advisor they like and trust, have worked with in the past, has relevant and timely experience, and/or one who has been referred to them by trusted friend in a peer firm.
No offence to CC, but firms won't make their purchasing decisions based on handbag fights they may see in the comment section of this forum, and nor (if they have good heads on their shoulders) will they make them based on attending events or presentations.
Nine times out of ten, a firm knows well in advance (based on commercial relationships and past history) what their path will be before engaging someone to assist with a “validation” exercise.
So…let us hope that everyone can just chill out and enjoy the warm sunshine, cold beers, the friendships and open sharing culture in that industry (for which it is known internationally), and the hungry sharks off the coast (no reference to the “integrator/consultancy” companies meant BTW) down there.
Peace, love and mung beans. JD

A breath of fresh air. Thank goodness!
If you can arrange to pass on the warm sunshine, cold beers, and the friendships, but more importantly your common sense, then I trust there's hope yet.
Anyone with handbags can JFO and grow up!

Hilarious. “why can't we all just get along” in summary. I'll have to disagree though – without the tet-a-tet legal news really isn't that interesting. And it is always fun to see the obviously fabricated information that sometimes gets posted here. Makes you wonder how silly some folk believe we all are!
Keep it coming CC, gives me something to wake up for in the morning.

We hear Swerdlove has now amended the agenda for its event to include an Elite element and now has a number of 3E firms signed up as attendees for the show. I expect there'll now be complaints that there is no SAP-specific stream to the event programme. CC

Yes, all very sensible etc etc. By the way, where's that phone call you promised? Is this how we're left to communicate these days? I thought I'd throw in an observation on the never-ending “Elite v Aderant” debate; or the “who's better than who” debate; or the general “let's slag off a software vendor” blurb (which, I must confess, I also find entertaining).
Most software products have a place in the market. We wouldn’t hear about them if they didn’t. They all have their strengths, and I’m sure they all have some things they’re not so great at. Some firms make a success of them…. and some don’t! It’s intriguing when you see a firm provide a glowing case study for a software product, when another firm down the road is throwing it out in dismal failure.
In the midst of all this, I can’t help but wonder just how much of a significant factor “people” are on the success of a software implementation; and I don’t just mean people from the vendor side, but the people from the customer side as well. Like any business, software vendors (and resellers, partners, consultants) have plenty of good people, and some people who should at best be playing a different game. If you look within your own firm, you’ll surprise me to report a culture that is any different. On a software implementation, if you happen to end up with too many people from the “also ran” category, you’ll probably end up with a result that resembles an English football team after a World Cup!! And more often than not it’s the product that wears the blame!!
Get a team of decent people together however, and …….well…. I’ll wait until after the World Cup before coming up with another sporting analogy. Best we don’t mention the cricket!
If it helps any, just look at Janders Dean…….some good……some not so good……and there’s just the two of us!
But by all means, don’t let me detract from the handbags; they are great value! I'm thinking that, perhaps I'm not so good Justin, cause those hungry sharks off the coast have me out of the water. You owe me a call!

Nice one BR – oh, and stop complaining about me not calling, and then moan at me for calling you! OK, so it was 2am your time, and I keep forgetting that you're hitting 40!
See you in the blue room shark bait…

No jokes about 40 year-olds – some of us were still with our 1st wives at that age – CC

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