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Latest Insider out now + new readers poll

The latest edition of the Legal Technology Insider newsletter – issue 207 for March – has now been published. Its contents include the results of our latest readers poll on which are the most widely used versions of Microsoft Office among law firms…

With great relief we are able to report nobody is using (or at least nobody admits to using) anything earlier than Office 2000. So goodbye Office 95 and 97. We were also pleased to see the most widely used version – used by over half the participants in the survey – is Office 2003. And, a by no means shabby take-up of Office 2007. Here are the results showing the percentages of respondents using each version of Office…
* Office 2000 (9.0)      19.4%
* Office XP (10.0)       15.3%
* Office 2003 (11.0)    52.8%
* Office 2007 (12.0)    12.5%

How much a day?
We've had a number of readers complain about the widely divergent prices IT suppliers, systems houses and consultancies are charging for onsite training, implementation and other consultancy services, with rates varying from £350 to £2000 per day so for out next survey we are trying to discover what is the going rate – ad whether there is a regional variation between London & the S-E and the rest of the country? This survey is open both to suppliers to say what they charge and firms to say what they pay. As ever, all responses are entirely confidential. Please tick just one box in appropriate column. The survey can be accessed via the Insider website, just follow the link