The latest issue of the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers from Nick Holmes and Delia Venables is now published.

In this issue
•    Social media – Boyd Butler demystifies Google Plus
•    Privacy – Eduardo Ustaran discusses how we can best balance the need for privacy against data exploitation
•    Conveyancing – Nicholas Fluck, President of the Law Society, describes the development of the online Conveyancing Portal
•    Lergal services – Who should you be afraid of in 2014? Delia Venables and David Gilroy assess what’s changed
•    Marketing – Simon Goodlad of Websites for Law Firms on why your website should be developed as a marketing tool
•    Social media – Claire Cavanagh at EJ Legal shows how LinkedIn can be used to best effect for law job seekers
•    Languages – Susan Isaacs describes the best online resources lawyers can use to learn foreign langauages
Online extras
•    Technology – Charles Christian on what Microsoft means in a post-Windows world
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