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Time for a round-up of the latest new product launches and upgrade releases from Advanced Legal/Laserform + HighQ + Bellefield Systems + Mimecast + Zylpha + ActionStep + Thomson Reuters/West

Time for a round-up of the latest new product launches and upgrade releases from Advanced Legal/Laserform + HighQ + Bellefield Systems + Mimecast + Zylpha + ActionStep + Thomson Reuters/West

• Advanced Legal has announced plans for a new eSubmission platform for Laserform. Scheduled for release early in 2014, the eSubmission platform will allow law firms to submit digital data to government departments as they implement the Digital by Default Service Standard. The Advanced Legal will initially rollout the system for submissions to Companies House and the Land Registry.

• HighQ has added a new product to its portfolio: HighQ Diligence. This is a cloud-based solution designed to address some of the inefficiences in the traditional legal/corporate due diligence exercise and includes project management and report creation tools. HighQ’s CFO Veenay Shah says he has heard of even mod-tier law firms writing off over £2 million per annum on unbillable hours lost in creating due dilligence reports and believes the new system can save as much as 80% on right-offs. COMMENT: HighQ products always sound dry on paper but come across much better in product demonstrations. Go see it now.

• Bellefield Systems has released a new version of the iTimeKeep app for Android and Apple iOS platforms, as well as a new desktop version. The Apple app is now iOS7 compliant. Bellefield has also launched its all new and totally redesigned website.

• Mimecast has launched Mimecast Archiving for Microsoft Lync IM, a secure cloud-based archive for all Microsoft Lync Instant Messages (IM), as well as the files, presentations and whiteboards that have been shared or transferred using Lync. The new service ensures IM conversations and files are archived securely on Mimecast’s cloud service and available easily to the organisation for search and export in the event of an ediscovery or compliance requirement.

UK Document bundling and distribution systems specialist Zylpha has extended its MoJ (Ministry of Justice) portal integration software to incorporate Employers and Public Liability claim. The software already offers integration with the RTA (Road Traffic Act) portal.

The US cloud-based legal practice management system ActionStep now offers full integration with HotDocs Cloud Services, the cloud-based document assembly and automation platform. ActionStep has also releases a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. ActionStep, which provides workflow, email, calendar, reporting, time tracking, billing and invoicing as part of its monthly subscription, is offering the Outlook plug-in as a free module. The HotDocs plug-in is available for a nominal fee.

• Thomson Reuters has announced the launch of West km 5.0, its knowledge management system for the legal profession. This latest version offers several major new features that help users quickly and intuitively find and leverage an organization’s work product. West km is a knowledge management tool that unlocks an organization’s knowledge and work product on litigation and transactional matters.  Users can search internal documents, WestlawNext or both, with combined results displayed, delivering the most relevant documents, whatever the source.  West km also integrates with Drafting Assistant, automating critical and time-consuming workflow tasks and enabling fast, easy creation of quality work product.

New features in West km 5.0 include: New WestlawNext-like user interface providing a look-and-feel familiar to WestlawNext users. It includes browseable content pages and post-search filters similar to WestlawNext. + A global search box, similar to that found in WestlawNext, allows users to enter either plain language or Terms and Connectors searches. In addition, West km allows searching of both Litigation and Transactions content simultaneously. + Entity extraction – The Litigation Analyzer Engine identifies additional elements from document text: attorneys, law firms, expert witnesses, and companies, enabling users to filter search queries using this metadata and get to relevant documents more quickly.