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This week’s new product launches and upgrades feature: Hoowla, a new UK online conveyancing platform + an upgrade to the popular US WordRake application + a new version of Memotech for corporate IP departments from CPA Global + the launch of EntityKeeper, a new US cloud-based system for keeping track of legal entities + new enhancements to the Exterro Fusion system for inhouse ediscovery management.

This week’s new product launches and upgrades feature: Hoowla, a new UK online conveyancing platform + an upgrade to the popular US WordRake application + a new version of Memotech for corporate IP departments from CPA Global + the launch of EntityKeeper, a new US cloud-based system for keeping track of legal entities + new enhancements to the Exterro Fusion system for inhouse ediscovery management.

UK online conveyancing platform Hoowla has gone live. The platform allows all parties in a house purchase: solicitors, estate agents, lenders, buyers and sellers, to log in and check up-to-date progress of the property transaction. The launch has come following nine months of development and feedback from a trial group of solicitors.

Adam Curtis, Hoowla founder and CEO Adam Curtis said: “Our main aim has been to build a conveyancing portal that the industry wants to use without having to pay out large costly investments and get tied into lengthy contracts. Delivering software online is becoming more common place across all industries from estate agency to accounting. We are excited to have reached this first milestone and have many exciting services and partnerships to announce in 2014.’’

Hoowla’s portal adopts a pay-per-case model with no setup costs, no minimum licence terms and no limit on number of users. Hoowla’s portal is free to use for all other parties in the property transaction. It is accessed online through a web browser and requires no software to install. For more details on Hoowla please contact Adam Curtis on or visit

• WordRake Holdings LLC just announced official release of WordRake 2, the new version of its popular editing software for professionals. Described as “a major leap ahead in capability and compatibility” in one minute WordRake 2 can edit 25 pages and suggest 200-300 improvements. WordRake software is an add-in to Microsoft Word.  It will “rake” any Word document and suggest edits to make the document clearer and more concise. WordRake 2 features include…
• Advanced Editing Improvements, including increased accuracy, more suggestions per page, and millions of new edits.
• Expanded Compatibility with Microsoft Windows and Office, including any version of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 2008 Server, or 2012 Server, combined with any version of Word 2007, 2010, or 2013.
• Redesigned and Optimized User Interface, streamlined for intuitiveness, convenience, and speed.
• Expanded Enterprise Flexibility, effortlessly installing on any physical or virtualized network environment while eliminating manual license key activation.

• CPA Global has announced the launch of its latest software release Memotech 6, providing corporate IP departments with a simple route to improved collaboration, efficiency and productivity. Memotech 6 delivers the following key benefits:
• Greater business insight for collaboration and informed decision making: Whether working within or outside of the IP department, users can collaborate over idea generation, existing portfolio activity and future commercialisation strategies. Real-time information provides business managers with insight into key performance indicators across the innovation pipeline, submissions, IP spend and competitors – making informed decisions on activities that may impact productivity, investment return or commercial risk.
• Significant enhancements in usability and end-user efficiency: Memotech 6 features a completely flexible user interface. This empowers a company’s IP leadership team to set role-based configurations aligned to their business without complex software customisation.
• Major improvements in business automation and data quality: Redesigned patent and trademark functionality with user-definable business rules delivers step-change improvements in data integrity and workflow management. By combining these with workflow-aware wizards and powerful multi-matter editing tools that shorten the time taken to complete common tasks, Memotech 6 brings important new productivity benefits to corporate IP departments.
• Rapid generation of customised reports: Memotech 6 includes a powerful integrated reporting solution, which produces customised reports and dashboards in a matter of seconds. It enables users to quickly combine data fields into queries, then view the results, share them with their colleagues, or export data to Microsoft Excel.

This week EntityKeeper LLC announced a new approach to entity management with a cloud-based solution for managing, maintaining and visualizing legal entity information. Created by the financial services and commercial real estate professionals at QuietStream Financial, EntityKeeper aims to replace costly, less-effective methods for managing critical entity information.

“A single missed filing deadline can cost hundreds of dollars in penalties, so EntityKeeper can pay for itself with features like automated email alerts,” said John Hosmer, COO of QuietStream Financial. “EntityKeeper is perfect for family offices, real estate investors, private equity firms and venture capitalists. Customers can sign up online and start using EntityKeeper instantly.”

EntityKeeper is a cloud-based software application that simplifies vast amounts of entity data for organizations of all sizes. Starting at just $299, EntityKeeper allows users to increase company efficiency from top to bottom and manage, maintain and visualize legal entity information for less than the cost of a missed filing date. To learn more about EntityKeeper visit

• Exterro Inc yesterday announced new automation and workflow capabilities in Exterro Fusion. The latest upgrades are designed to further refine and automate inhouse ediscovery management with advanced pre-project scoping, streamlined data source cataloging, new reports and integrated identification of employee changes. The two applications in Exterro’s ediscovery software suite delivering the newest workflow capabilities include:Fusion Employee Monitor – Unveiled in February, Fusion Employee Monitor ensures that critical information from employment changes is automatically detected, tracked and acted upon to ensure compliance with business, legal and regulatory obligations. The application now features the following:
• Redesigned user interface to extend Exterro Fusion’s ease of use and ensure rapid adoption and immediate productivity for all users.
• Integrated connections with both Fusion Legal Hold and Fusion Comprehensive Interview to more easily identify employee data sources and ensure information subject to legal hold is not destroyed as part of the organization’s standard retention policies.

Fusion Project Management – Formerly known as Discovery Workflow Management, Exterro’s powerful workflow engine offers improved automation across ediscovery projects with:
• Pre-project scoping that enables ediscovery preservation or collection projects to have a distinct scoping phase before the project begins. Requirements can automatically be applied to all projects in a matter, thus eliminating re-work from one project to another.
• Advanced data source cataloging that enables queries to be run against the data source catalog or database, importing only the relevant results for more targeted ediscovery management.
• New reports that capture all notes from pre-project scoping at the data source or custodian level for improved collaboration across all project team members and managers.

The upgrades to both Fusion Employee Monitor and Fusion Project Management are immediately available. More information on the workflow upgrades and the entire Exterro Fusion ediscovery software suite is available at