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Latest news from the Frayman Group: 2 new UK wins + ILTA product launches

More news from ILTA, this time from the Frayman Group, a provider of business process management, business intake, risk and compliance software for law firms, who have announced a raft of new wins + two new products…

More news from ILTA, this time from the Frayman Group, a provider of business process management, business intake, risk and compliance software for law firms, who have announced a raft of new wins + two new products…

The wins: The UK national law firm DWF has selected Frayman Group’s Compliguard solution to implement a world-class business intake, conflicts clearance and compliance solution across the entire firm, which has doubled in size over the past year. The firm will initially be rolling out Frayman’s Compliguard Analyze conflicts management and clearance solution along with the Compliguard Protect system for information barriers.  A parallel project will be running to follow-through with a roll out of Compliguard Flow as the firm’s new Business Intake Workflow solution in early 2014.

The second win is London-based law firm Farrer & Co which has selected Frayman Group’s Compliguard solution and will be leveraging the platform’s Business Intake Workflow and Information Barriers modules to enhance its business intake and compliance operations. According to Neil Davison, Head of IT at Farrer & Co, “We examined various offerings in the market that could potentially address our requirements for a New Business Intake system and found that the Compliguard solution from Frayman Group was a proven, comprehensive solution, which offers clear advantages over competitive systems.”

Finally Polsinelli PC (the fastest growing law firm in the United States with more than 670 attorneys in 17 cities ) is now in production with Compliguard Flow, the legal industry’s market leading new business intake workflow platform. The firm replaced a legacy new business intake system that remained following a merger, with the new Compliguard Flow based business intake application. The new modern intake environment streamlines the client intake and conflicts processes. Compliguard Flow integrates with the firm’s LegalKEY and Elite applications.

The new releases: Frayman has also announced Compliguard Flow Version 3.0, the new release for the company’s flagship business process management platform. Version 3.0 is the product of a multi-year development effort in consultation with over 50 law firm customers, industry experts, and industry analysts with deep expertise in business process automation. The result is a platform unparalleled in its depth and capabilities with new functionality and improvements in the areas of process design, monitoring, execution, management, reporting and integration.

“With Flow 3.0, we have delivered on our goal to provide a business process management platform that gives power to the designer, while maintaining its simplicity and ease of use,” said said Yuri Frayman, President & CEO at Frayman Group.  “Flow 3.0 takes the user experience to new heights, and makes process management a seamless extension of the law firm IT framework.”

Compliguard Flow Version 3.0 builds on the success of Compliguard Flow Version 2, now in use by some of the largest multi-national law firms with highly complex business intake workflow requirements. Version 3.0 features enhancements, improvements, and new functionality in all areas:

•    Process Design: Flow 3.0 features a modern visual paradigm for creating and managing process maps, security, and notifications leveraging a Microsoft Visio add-in. Microsoft Visio is the most commonly used diagramming platform in the world.  Together with the Flow Visio add-in, it offers the most capable, user-friendly interface for business analysts to design and manage processes without the need for coding or the complexity of wizards, with built-in version control and roll-back capabilities.

•    Form Design: Now in its third generation, Flow Form Designer is a WYSIWYG HTML-based drag-and-drop form design interface, that allows business analysts and domain experts to create and manage form fields, dependencies, validation rules easily with built-in version control and roll-back capabilities.

•    User Experience: Version 3.0 features a modern theme with special emphasis on usability and optimal utilization of screen real estate.

•    Native Rules Engine: Compliguard Flow 3.0 delivers enhanced capabilities to its native rules engine, allowing process designers to initiate actions based on pre-defined and custom rules.

•    Reporting: Leveraging Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Compliguard Flow provides out-of-the-box reports bundled with the software and the ability to create a limitless number of reports against data collected in the database, including a full audit trail of all activity.

•    Process Monitoring & Simulation: Flow 3.0 provides IT and end users a visual paradigm to simulate process execution and form activity with visual indicators, and provides process-monitoring capabilities with built-in statistical analysis to streamline and improve processes easily.

•    Integration to Key Systems: Flow 3.0 provides a comprehensive list of “smart objects” that provides Web Services-based integration to key law firm systems including leading case management, time and billing, accounting, document management, records management, and conflicts management systems.

•    True Enterprise Deployment: Flow 3.0 is designed to meet IT requirements for virtualization, failover, load balancing, and disaster recovery.

The second release is Flow Express, which features workflows and forms for standard business intake processes, email notifications, roles and security permissions, and integrations, all packaged and ready to go.

“With Flow Express, we provide a packaged business intake application that is ready to deploy, leveraging our considerable 20+ years domain expertise in this area,” said Mohit Thawani, SVP Products at Frayman Group. “The templates available for workflow maps, forms, and integration to core business systems allow firms to reduce the complexity of deploying a business intake application, enabling them to focus instead on their specific business needs. By completing a guided questionnaire for configuration options, Flow Express delivers on the promise of deployment in 6 weeks.”

Flow Express is the second packaged application built on Compliguard Flow, Frayman Group’s market-leading business process management platform.  The first was Compliguard Legal Hold, which leverages the platform’s capabilities to deliver a packaged legal-hold process management application.

Flow Express ships with packaged templates for standard business intake workflows and forms, all provided based on a subscription or perpetual license, and with a fixed fee implementation fee.

Compliguard Flow Express requires nothing but a web browser on the client desktop to operate.  Flow 3.0 supports all modern web browsers including Microsoft IE8+, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.