The latest data from IDC reveals we are living in a world where smartphone usage is totally dominated by the Android and Apple iOS platforms.

In 2012, the total worldwide shipments* by market share was…

Android 68.8%

iOS 18.8%

Blackbery 4.5%

Windows 2.5%

Other 5.4%

However in Q4 of 2012, Android & iOS further increased their market share to 91.1%

Android 70.1%

iOS 21.0%

Blackbery 3.2%

Windows 2.6%

Other 3.0%

* NOTE: The IDC data is for worldwide shippments of new smartphones in 2012, these figures don’t take into account devices bought in previous years but still in use. Both Android and Apple have benefitted from having new products, such as the iPhone 5.0, available in Q4 whereas Microsoft was late off the mark with its latest launch and Blackberry didn’t have its new product launch until last month. It is also worth noting that because of the premium price for iPhones, it is substantially outsold by cheaper Android devices in many parts of the world.