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Latest smartphone trends

For those of you considering developing apps for smartphone (Blackberry, Symbian etc) platforms, we've got some new data from Canalys comparing trends in Q3 2007, Q3 2008 & Q3 2009. As you can see, over the 2 year period both Symbian and Windows Mobile have lost about one-third of their market share, Blackbery has doubled its share and the Apple iPhone's share has rocketed by more than we can work out this early in the morning.

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I am not sure there is enough information here to help smartphone developers. I assume the figures refer to sales of new units during the relevant quarter. (But that isn't clear.) Developers are presumably interested in the whole installed base (new and old units still in use). Sales figures do not help with that information.
Also, there is no information about the different markets. Until the iPhone came along there was little interest in smartphones in the consumer market. It has still to make a significant impact in the business market. By the same token, few Blackberry models are attractive enough to consumers to compete effectively with the iPhone in that market. So a smartphone developer making business apps needs to have better data on the installed base in that sector. (There may be some surprises there, but this information doesn't contain them.)

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