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Law firm interest in Twitter growing – UPDATED

Verification & anti-money laundering checks specialists Callcredit Direct report a huge increase in activity from and between law firms on social networking site Twitter. Law firms have traditionally operated in a paper-based environment, but the growing popularity of Twitter communities, or ‘Twibes’ aimed at those in the profession show that forward-thinking legal firms are embracing these new technologies for business benefit. Hywel Morgan, Strategy Manager, Callcredit Direct comments “Twitter is a great tool with which to network, generate new leads and broadcast industry updates. Our own account is drawing new followers every week and some of our legal clients – such as Inksters and John Collins – are seeing real business benefits from using the service. Whether this energy can be sustained remains to be seen, but for now we’re excited about the opportunities it presents.”

• We've since asked Hywel Morgan about FaceBook and LinkedIn. This is what he had to say “I think Facebook is a useful business tool in the United States for both B2B and B2C communications and sales, but in the UK it is very much limited to B2C within the credit and legal spheres. This is certainly borne out by our experience at Callcredit Direct – we have a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter presence and the majority of queries we have received from the Facebook page site have been relating to our consumer credit report service Callcredit Check. This for me demonstrates the potential power of B2C communications for all businesses – including solicitors and their suppliers – but as a B2B method of interacting, in this country at least, the verdict is still out.
“This seems to be because in the UK, Facebook is still perceived to be at the 'social' end of the social networking scale and many organisations appear to be banning Facebook across their internal networks, due to beliefs that staff are abusing the service. Of late, many of the discussions about Twitter have tended to have a business or political angle to them. Facebook however seems to be perceived as a central part of the celebrity and youth domain. Therefore I feel a lot of businesses are not prepared to invest resource in this platform just yet.”