BPP Law School - Law School Head of Innovation TechnologyJOB DESCRIPTION
JOB TITLE: Head of Innovation Technology
POSITION: Full time or part time
REPORTS TO: Director of LPC Programmes
Job Purpose
The successful applicant(s) will assist the Directors of LPC programmes and more generally the
Law School Management team by identifying legal tech developments in practice and ideas
that can be embedded into programmes to train tomorrow’s lawyers. This successful
candidate will understand key trends and disruptions impacting law firms and develop insights
using personal networks to identify opportunities for BPP Law School to become the leading
provider of legal tech education.
Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
• Develop relationships with law firms and lead discussions about their tech training
needs over a 5-year cycle.
• Conduct market research on and report on the digital disruption facing law firms.
• Research innovative technology and how this is being embraced by law firms.
• Monitor the external environment for innovative legal tech products and produce a
quarterly report on the latest developments and possible opportunities for BPP and
how this might be incorporated into the Law School syllabus at any level
• Provide specific guidance on ways in which technology can be used on the LPC.
• Research, identify and connect with legal tech innovative companies by building
networks and maintaining relationships.
• Procure legal tech products to ensure a competitive price.
• Understand the framework and regulatory requirements of the academic stage, the
LPC and the future of legal education under the current SRA proposals.
• Attend all relevant programme Management meetings.
• Work collaboratively with senior members of the programme teams to ensure
implementation of legal tech across all programmes.
•Build relationships with other parts of BPP to create synergies with other schools.
• Teach where required.
Skills, knowledge, qualifications required for job:
The successful applicant will have the following qualities/qualifications:
• Proven track record of delighting clients.
• Relevant background and experience in legal technology and developments in that
• Relevant project management experience.
• Excellent presentation/communication skills at all levels.
• Initiative, enthusiasm, sense of humour, drive and vision for innovation on the
programme which is compatible with the BPP mission statement and firm
• Excellent organisation/teaching skills/ability to lead and inspire others.
• A positive commitment towards and an understanding of the needs and issues faced
by law students and the demands of law firms.
• Develop relationships with key stakeholders within BPP and manage that relationship.
• Supplier and partner relationship management.
• Procurement/contract negotiation experience.
• Market research.
• Financial reporting & modelling.
• Product/service expertise.
• Analytics.
• Data collection.
• Be self-motivated and able to self-manage.

Contact director of LPC programmes Jane Houston: janehouston@bpp.com