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LawTech Futures latest

Here’s the latest update on next week’s LawTech Futures event in London (15th March)…

• The event is now officially sold out however the organisers NetLaw Media have set up a waiting list for any last minute ticket availabilities (due to cancellations through illness etc). To register email D.Armstrong at

• The line-up for the event includes 2 leading keynote speakers, 6 chairpersons, 45 expert presenters, 3 Stages, 40 sponsors, delegates from 70% of the UK’s top 200 law firms – and a total complement of 530 legal IT professionals from the UK, European and Global legal sectors.

• LawTech Futures is to be an annual event and will be back next year HOWEVER keep this date – Tuesday 23rd October – as Charles Christian and Netlaw Media are now working on another event under the LawTech Futures banner and will shortly be announcing details. All we can say is this will cover an entirely different (but related) subject matter.

5 replies on “LawTech Futures latest”

Let’s hope it’s is more fruitful than the disaster in North London this week. The claim was for 600 attendees but I counted more like 300 including vendors. Too few decision makers and they let just about anyone in to exhibit. Since when has archive boxes been technology? Kill it off now please.

Have to agree i thought it was very poor and by far the majority of bodies there were exhibitors

I thought the body count was more towards the 600 mark per day!

I think you were including the folk coming to the building exhibition upstairs. The show was VERY poor value for money and money rules, but it’s nice to see the organisers doing their bit to extend the life of a show that has run its course

The Legal IT Show (Islington) was a real disaster and if the organizer belives for a second that there were 600 in attendance then someone needs brushing up on maths and even with 200 plus vendors and consultants on site I would not go over 350 as an honest estimate.. A complete waste of my time which I wil not be wasting next year..

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