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Lawyers – and legal software suppliers – get social media

Maybe by luck, coincidence or some form of cultural transmission over the last couple of days, we’ve got four stories here about law firms and legal IT vendors embracing different aspects of social media and life in the connected age…

Eclipse Legal Systems has developed its Proclaim Case Management solution to incorporate, completely within the fee-earner desktop, the ‘Big 3’ (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook) social media sites. Importantly, the sites are fully contained within the Proclaim system and do not rely on lawyers having to access a separate browser. This new social media integration ability is provided free of charge with all new Proclaim and Proclaim CRM implementations.

Eclipse’s Chief Software Architect, Steve Ough, said: “More and more of our customers are embracing social media and there is a real need for this to play a part in day-to-day relationship management.  Hopping in and out of a browser is a distraction, and the ability to match Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to a specific client is very attractive. Proclaim now enables fee earners to enhance overall CRM by maintaining client files which contain relevant social media profiles and updates.”

Peppermint Technology has also announced an embedded Twitter stream within the client or prospect record on the Peppermint Platform. This feature connects a client’s social activity trail to every other piece of related data, activity, transaction, communication and document held in the Peppermint Platform.  This information is linked directly to the client record providing an insight that can be used to market and service clients in a more targeted, relevant and personalised way.

• Meanwhile online conveyancing firm 1st Property Lawyers has become the first business in the legal sector to sign up with Feefo, an online feedback forum. Feefo mostly works with online retailers and travel operators in generating feedback from customers and then publishing the comments, warts and all, on the website. Feefo enables businesses to react quickly to criticism or failings and use positive feedback to encourage staff and show customers how it gets it right.

Although only a few weeks into the project, 1st Property Lawyers has a 96% product rating and is getting huge amounts of repeat business as a result. Here’s a link to its Feefo page –

Here are some comments from Cassie Booth, marketing projects manager at 1st Property Lawyers. “We have always prided ourselves on our customer service, especially as our business is entirely online and it’s very rare for us to meet the customer in person. Yet, while we try and keep as much communication with the customer as possible, Feefo has added a whole new dimension to our business. We now have an independent way of verifying what we do, as well as being able to respond directly to any criticism. We are the market leaders in this sector as no other conveyancers use Feefo and we are very proud of the feedback we have generated already.” Booth adds that signing up with Feefo had also aided the company’s Adwords results. “It is brilliant that Google recognises the Feefo reviews and it is great to see five big gold stars next to our name when people search. We are loving it.”

• Finally, if all this social media exposure is becoming too much for you, check out Veribo, a new service to help individuals and businesses cost effectively and efficiently protect and manage their reputations online.

“The influence search results wield towards the perception of an individual or company has a significant impact. It can be the difference between hiring a person or signing a contract. But why should aspects of our history or past remain in the present? And why should we have to jump through hoops in order to remove misleading or false information with no guarantee that it will be removed?” commented Ehud Furman, founder & CEO, Veribo. “We need greater control over our data on the internet, and the right to be forgotten is the first step towards enforcing such control. But more needs to be done. The launch of Veribo brings a cost effective and guaranteed solution to European businesses and individuals for whom the only solutions available have been expensive SEO campaigns or legal action, until now.”

Veribo offers two solutions: protecting online reputations with the removal of negative or misleading information from search results and promoting and raising the visibility of an individual or company in search results. The company’s proprietary technology builds digital assets and populates them with relevant and up to date content that the client would like to promote on search engines, in association with important keywords specific to each client, thus   enabling a high level of control over critical information that is presented on search results when common search terms are used, such as the brand or business name, personal information etc.

Veribo Protector removes those unwanted search results to protect online reputations and is also available in three separate packages; Positive Impact, Significant Impact and Maximum Impact. Available in three packages; basic, standard and premium, Veribo Promoter gives companies and individuals better control over the top search results and increases their visibility in searches. Veribo  can support any European language plus Russian and Arabic.


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Whilst the social integration is a step in the right direction which should be applauded vendors shouldn’t just stop there.

The key with any social integration is the systems ability to monitor, in realtime, and react in a predefined way based upon content of the feed.

Vendors need to be implementing features found in the online service (If This Then That) in order to make social integration truly effective.

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