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Legal IT 2009 to clash with LegalTech – again

Informa subsidiary ICBI has announced that the 2009 outing for the Legal IT exhibition at the Islington Business Design Centre will once again overlap with the LegalTech NY show in New York. LegalTech runs from Monday 2 to Wednesday 4 February, while Legal IT runs Wednesday 4 to Thursday 5 February. Haven't these people heard about the increased globalization of the legal market – and the increasing global reach of legal IT vendors? Kate Roberts at ICBI is the latest Informa executive to draw the short straw of trying to revive the Islington event which, despite frequent promises of change, remains stuck in pretty much the same groove it's been in since Cordial Events (aka the Two Davids) originally launched the event in February 2000. Informa acquired the event in February 2006.

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Thanks for the feedback and yes, I am putting together the features and conference agenda for the event this year. I have already spoken to a significant number of visitors and exhibitors to hear your feedback and thoughts for 2009, and would love to hear from anyone (supplier or visitor) with suggestions or requests for networking features and conference topics. I can be contacted at 020 7017 6839 or
The clash between Legal IT Show and LegalTech is unfortunate. As far as I am aware, the Legal IT Show has always run in the first week of February, however we will certainly take this into account when selecting dates for 2010.
Please get in touch and I am looking forward to hearing from you
Kate Roberts, Event Director, Legal IT Show

Looking at our collection of exhibition catalogues from previous events (I know, it's sad – we've got them going back to Solex in 1988 – Wang had the front page) it would appear the current Legal IT event started out on the second week of February but then at some stage switched to the first week.

It was only last year that LegalTech moved from the last week in January to the first week in February, so the issue is 50% with them as well.
It is a pity as a significant number of your target audience will be over in New York, and yet we could do with an enhanced show here in the UK.

Actually LegalTech has always fluctuated between the last week of Jan and first week of Feb – something to do with Superbowl Sunday or something. The point is with so few events either in the US or the UK, you'd think the organisers would try to avoid clashing dates as attendance is not an and/and scenario but an either/or one. Why cannibalise your audience when with a little bit of research you could avoid risking a date clash. Of course the venue managers must take some blame as they like to pin event organisers down for bookings years in advance. But that's another story. In the future eveeryone will use webinars and we won't need to attend any of these events. Maybe.

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