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Legal IT Show – tomorrow

Orange Rag editor Charles Christian will be at the Legal IT Show in London all day tomorrow (Wednesday). Needless to say he has already got himself double-booked – so just grab him when you see him. He's also conducting the Keynote Interview – Legal IT & The New Normal – with Neil Renfrew, the head of IT at Thomas Eggar, at 11:50am, facilitating roundtable discussions on the implications of the Legal Services Act at 2:40pm and 3:30pm, and attending a legal industry Twitter meeting (a tweet-up) from 5:00pm. As ever, best to contact him during the day by email on or on 07786 738172 – tho we're uncertain how good mobile reception is within the Business Design Centre.

8 replies on “Legal IT Show – tomorrow”

A Tweet-Up? Are there rules to such an event? Does one sit around the pub tweeting one another or is real vocal communication also allowed?

so what is the general consensus on the success / future viability of this show?

We'll have a report on the site for Monday morning – Charles Christian

So what happened at the show, was it a shadow of its former self, or the great bazaar of software packages ?

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