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Legal IT video: Hogan Lovells on OpenText

Here’s a little video from OpenText featuring Ashley Jones, the Desktop Applications Manager at Hogan Lovells in London discussing how lawyers and support departments at the firm are using eDOCS DM to better capture, organise, consolidate, manage and route electronic documents for faster and easier information retrieval within a unified knowledge base. Says Jones “It is absolutely pivotal to the law firm’s success that they have a reliable, effective document management system.” Note: the video uses Flash so it won’t be visible on an iPad.


2 replies on “Legal IT video: Hogan Lovells on OpenText”

If you install the app called Puffin, you can show flash content on iPad.

Thank you The Retiree – we’ve just downloaded this onto an iPad 1 running iOS 5.1.1 and an iPhone 4S runing iOS 6.0.1 and can confirm it does work. There is a free version of the app which includes a 2 week trial version of the Flash player (it gives you the option to open the video in a separate window) and thre is a pay-for version which includes a permanent flash player. The UK price for the app is £1.99

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