This webinar is ideal for NetDocuments users and prospects who are looking for an encrypted container app approach for mobile NetDocuments DMS access and secure-in app workflows.

When using the Mobile Helix LINK app, documents cannot be uploaded to services like Box, or saved to 3rd party apps. The combination of NetDocuments and the app LINK gives you additional security plus productive workflows with your documents in NetDocuments.

We will start with an introduction from NetDocuments.
After a short orientation to the LINK app, you will see a demo of LINK’s integration with NetDocuments DMS.

The LINK mobile app provides these security measures and more:
• Containerization of documents & remote wipe of the LINK app
• Encryption of firm data at-rest and in-transit
• LINK Mobile DLP (Data Loss Prevention) features
• Certificate-based device authentication – prevents Man-in-the-Middle attacks (WiFi)
• Built-in second factor authentication; first factor is the AD password
• Optional integration with MS Azure AD Information Rights Management

Join us for this 45-minute webinar to see NetDocuments plus LINK workflows, including:
• Navigation and search of NetDocuments
• In-app comparison of Microsoft Word documents with compareDocs by DocsCorp®
• In-app annotation
• Editing with the optional Microsoft Word app integration
• Import an email attachment to NetDocuments
• Predictive filing and email management

NetDocuments: Vanessa Nguyen, Solutions Expert
Mobile Helix: Maureen Blando, President

If you cannot be present for the live webinar, please register and you will receive an email with a link to the recorded webinar.

Questions: +1 347-508-0967

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