As organisations gear-up for the Copenhagen summit on climate change, 138 of the UK largest law firms and related bodies have published their first annual report under the auspices of the Legal Sector Alliance (LSA). A copy of the report is attached however among the findings:

• a majority (57%) of LSA members have calculated their organisation’s carbon footprint with more firms (33%) planning to do so in 2010.
• of the members that calculated their carbon footprint, two-thirds used the LSA Carbon Protocol, a bespoke carbon measurement tool to help law firms easily calculate their footprint. (The LSA principles were developed in consultation with the profession and leading environmental NGOs.)
• organisations were more likely to have set targets for waste (42%) and/or energy (35%) than for travel (27%) or water (21%).
• 40% of respondents had developed a sustainable procurement policy and 50% planned to do so in 2010.

The LSA yesterday held a webcast to discuss their activities and initiatives. You can view the webcast via the following link – it will be available to view for the next 30 days.