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Legal Technology Insider/The Orange Rag website launches new case study & whitepaper resource

As part of our ongoing website development to build on our position as the global hub for legal IT information, we have now created two new resources for our readers. We are now publishing selected case studies looking at how law firms have implemented IT solutions and also whitepapers offering insight into current and future legal IT topics and how they relate to your business management objectives.

This is a FREE resource for readers. Go to the main nav bar or to the orange highlighted box on this page For more news on… and click on Case Studies or Whitepapers

The Legal Technology Insider website, which attracts an average of 47,000 readers and 570,000 page views worldwide a month, is read by virtually all of the senior IT professionals in the UK’s top 200 law firms plus IT professionals in all of Australia and New Zealand’s top firms and an ever increasing proportion of the major US law firms. Our readers are a vast community of knowledge and opinions on legal technology and the new world of the New Normal to come. Read their stories here in Case Studies and Whitepapers

PS: If you have a case study, whitepaper, thought leadership article or research findings that would educate, enlighten and help others make decisions on legal IT choices and would like it exposed to the largest possible relevant audience, please email Jane Christian at for more information.