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Legal Technology Journal & Awards go under

Friday 20th March, 5:30 London time… This email message was just forwarded on by a contact:

“I have had to cease publishing the Legal Technology Journal, the Legal Technology Update and Legal Technology Awards. The downturn has hit my business much harder than I had expected and as a result the products are no longer commercially viable. I am hoping this will change in the not too distant future.”

Jeremy Hill

For the record, the Legal Technology Insider/Orange Rag blog stable of publications has no business or commercial links to any of these publications or events. We believe the Legal Marketing Awards have also been cancelled this year.

6 replies on “Legal Technology Journal & Awards go under”

No surprise there then – LTA's type format looks all a bit too '2007'

There is still a huge appetite for these events and I hope that they will come back leaner and better when there is once again certainty over budgets. This is the most fabulous site to talk down achievement, talk up recession, and perhaps even congratulate ourselves on the demise of an event or events that made the legal community that much richer.

Much richer? Well some of these events certainly made a few stand-up comedians much richer.

So how come the Orange Rag blog carries a story on Friday night that the awards and journal have gone under but it takes the actual people who run the awards and journal til Monday morning to fess up?

and you can still purchase the Legal Technology Journal on the Legalease website.

Charles, we all know there wouldn't be events like these if their organisers didn't show a profit.
I agree that industry award ceremonies like those started by In Brief magazine and continued (until now) by the Legal Technology Journal are fantastic events and I look forward to them coming back in the fullness of time.

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