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Legalit events: LawTech Futures already near capacity

Our LawTech Futures 2013 event – taking place in London on 30th April with Ray Kurzweil as the keynote making an exclusive appearance in the UK – is fast selling out of vendor sponsorship and exhibition stand opportunities.

We had 3 more suppliers contact us yesterday – this is on top of the 50+ leading legal technology suppliers including LexisNexis, Thomson Reuters Elite, Aderant, Tikit, Mimecast, Blue Car Technologies, Winscribe, ConvergeOne, Copitrak, Williams Lea, Huron Legal, Sweet & Maxwell, NiKec Solutions, Opus 2 International, NAC, nQueue Billback, Prosperoware,, Nexum, DPS Software, Lexacom, Informance, NetDocuments, Chrome River, Xeretec, QlikView, Access, Avantstar, ITS Onelog, Saturn27, HighQ, Kutana Software, Phoenix, Security Aware, Litéra, IntApp, K2 Software, Tata Consultancy Services, IRIS and Workshare who have already signed up for the event (plus several others who are in the final stages of negotiations).

LawTech Futures is a joint venture between Legal Technology Insider Ltd and NetLaw Media – any vendors interested in learning more about the event should contact Darren Armstrong and his team at NetLaw Media immediately on  +44 (0) 20 3176 4200 or email