Aside from being at Legaltech (ok Legalweek) what could be better than looking at pics of you all having fun, hey? Here are some photos with handy little snippets of news to boot! With photos and news from companies including Litera, iManage, ZERØ, Relativity, CloudNine, Evisort, The Cowen Group, and a legendary legaltech greats pic from MyCase.


Thanks to the Litera gang for this photo and the action shot below. News from Litera at Legalweek20 includes the introduction of Clause Companion’s newest feature, Anonymize – the solution’s new save and anonymize workflow allows lawyers to re-use content from their prior work to safely create new documents faster.

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iManage has announced that it has achieved double digit customer growth driven in large part by moves to the cloud. Today the overall customer base stand as at 3,500 customers and over one million users globally including 78% of the global 100 law firms and 21% of the Fortune 100.

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Recent news from ZERØ includes launching ZERØ Lite, a product targeted to smaller law firms and firms without NetDocuments and iManage, and signing six new clients in recent weeks including Holland & Knight, Benesch, and Lewis Rice.

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ZERØ‘s chief revenue officer Ryan Steadman (right) on the panel Demystifying Myths Surrounding the Independence of AI (along with Dan Broderick, CEO and Co-Founder of Blackboiler, left, and James Michalowicz, Senior Manager – Legal Operations Business Performance, TE, middle).


Relativity has announced its plans for pricing in 2020. Beginning on February 17, 2020, customers can choose a pay as you go model, which will provide the opportunity to pay for the software month-to-month based on utilization. Alternatively, customers can still take advantage of a flex commit model with discounts of up to 25%. Below is a photo of Relativity’s David Horrigan hosting a panel called “Mobile Data: Issues in Data Privacy and Data Protection.”

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NineForum featured prominent eDiscovery thought leaders presenting content on topics impacting lawyers, discovery, and legal professionals. See below for some of the speakers.

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Bradette Groves and Neil McLean of @CompleteLegalKC present at NineForum at the @Cloud9Discovery #Legalweek20
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Gurus of #eDiscovery at @Cloud9Discovery booth at #Legalweek20 Doug Austin and @kellytwigger of @ediscoveryasst for NineForum event series session
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At NineForum #eDiscovery event series @Cloud9Discovery booth, @mackmary of #edrm caught up with Doug Austin of CloudNine at #Legalweek20


Evisort announced on 19 December that it had closed a $15 million Series A funding round led by Vertex Ventures and Microsoft Corporation’s M12 Ventures, with participation by Amity Ventures and Serra Ventures. Microsoft’s involvement in this legal sector fundraise is particularly noteworthy. No wonder the gang look so happy.

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The @evisort crew is having a great #Legalweek20 so far!


The MyCase annual dinner organised by lawyer, journalist and MyCase evangelist Nicole Black brought together many of the greats of legal tech- what a crew!

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To name a few names, we’ve got Bob Ambrogi, Monica Bay and Ari Kaplan!

The Cowen Group

David Cowen and his team at their Legalweek20 breakfast briefing. Legal IT Insider spoke at SOLID London and you can read the highlights of that conference here:

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The KM stream

Alex Smith, iManage and Tyson Ballard, Cognia Law chair Nicole Shaver’s popular knowledge management session.

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Leading up to and throughout Legalweek, EDRM announced a flood of new partners and strategic initiatives. EDRM is on a mission of setting the global standards for e-discovery and with Mary Mack and Kaylee Walstad at the helm. One of the three major EDRM events held during Legalweek was the EDRM and Relativity 3rd Annual Bloggers Luncheon during Legalweek at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. 40 RSVPs and top-line bloggers attended.

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Kaylee Walstad, EDRM chief strategy officer; Amy Juers, Edge Legal Marketing CEO; Mary Mack, EDRM CEO and chief legal technologist
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ECFX launched its first product at the show – ECFX Notice. It automates the entire electronic court notice workflow, reducing a process that can take between 20 and 60 minutes per notice to seconds.

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The ECFX team takes a moment to enjoy the exhibit hall prior to their presentation as a finalist for the LegalLaunch: Product Innovation competition.


And our thanks for the following photos to Joe Bartolo, information governance and risk systems at Knovos, who is past VP in the Metro New York Chapter of ACEDS, and the Co-Chair of their Educational Committee.

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The Knovos team
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Dharmesh Shingala and Alexis Robbins from Knovos with Maribel Rivera from ACEDS. 
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Mary Mack – Rob Robinson – Kaylee Walstead – EDRM
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Brad Schaffel (Sullivan & Cromwell) and Joe Bartolo
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Scott Cohen – Winston & Strawn
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Joe Bartolo and Ann Gorr
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Michael Quartararo, Maribel Rivera and Joe Bartolo – ACEDS