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Let the Vendorator Games begin…

The challenge thrown down by Eclipse Legal Systems in this week's issue of the Legal Technology Insider newsletter – namely how many legal software vendors put their technology where their mouth is by using their own systems internally to manage their own businesses – is starting to produce results, with suppliers pinging in messages – the latest are nFlow and FWBS – to say we do everything and more. We'll be monitoring this and reporting on the battle of the vendorators in the weeks to come.

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“Eat Your Own Dog Food” is, I think, the phrase used in US tech companies.
Question is, for some UK Legal IT providers' systems, would it possibly translate more appropriately as “Eat Your Own Dog Sh*t”…?

Another vendor has just emailed in to say that as much as they don't want to enter into a 'who eats the most of their own dog-food' competition, they nevertheless think they do it better than Eclipse

Here at Workshare we use our software to check the accuracy of documents and clean them of metadata, as well as PDF manipulation multi-party review on large documents involving multiple authors.
We ABSOLUTELY LOVE the new Compare for Powerpoint, so if anybody wants to check the accuracy of a a 1000 slide Powerpoint deck feel free to ping me 🙂

Count us in. Threw out Great Plains 4 years ago and installed a fully integrated LawSoft system. Also switched off We use every single element of LawSoft as an ERP system. It has a huge effect on project mgt/planning, “fee earner” billing, HR. Workflow used extensively as well as the financials & budgets. Its also a beta environment for new releases. Its one of the best things we've ever done.
Jim Cummings, Pilgrim Systems plc

We use our own content management system to host our own website. Can we play too on that basis ?

GlobalExpense has always used its own expense management to guarantee HMRC compliance and control expense spend.
Andy Bottrill, Sales & Marketing Director, GlobalExpense Limited

An addin to cut the usual verbose corporate deck to something even approaching manageable would be a bestseller. Perhaps corporate decks should use an enforced Pecha Kucha format? That would shave 10 minutes off most of them.
In the spirit of returning to the topic I would respectfully suggest that corporate slide delivery agents should see them from the other side once in a while. Do they still think twenty minutes flies by? Would that count as eating your own dog food?

I'm a PC, and (apparently) I designed Windows 7 … does that count?

This looks like a good chance to show off 🙂
Peapod LEGALOffice have for years used our own products to administer our business operations. We previously used OFFICECase and STRONGBox and for the last 18 months have used our current Case Mangement & Accounts product LEGALOffice® LA (LOLA).
We started using LOLA approximately 3 months before it was released to the market because we wanted to make sure that everybody in the company knew the product inside out and this also gave us the chance to filter out any bugs in the system.
Each department uses the system in a different way, dependent on their needs.
The sales department use the system to ‘Time Record’ all correspondence with their clients. When creating a proposal for a client all items will be recorded such as ‘LEGALOffice User License’ or ‘STRONGBox SME Implementation & Training’.
The helpline team will use the system to check the maintenance details of all firms. I.e if a firm is asking for an authorisation code for PRINTAForm, LOLA shows them how many licenses they subscribe to and how many codes have been issued.
The accounts people use the system for all our financial transactions, bank recs etc.
Adam Pembrey, Peapod LEGALOffice

At Exari, we use our own software in several ways. The most obvious is for our own sales contracts. In additon, we create an ROI calculator and our new customers go through an Exari interview to create a customized server configuration guide.
Adine Deford, Director of Marketing, Exari

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