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Lewis Silkin go live with Elite 3E

It has just been announced that London-based law firm Lewis Silkin has officially deployed Elite 3E. Lewis Silkin selected 3E to replace the firm’s (LexisNexis Axxia Arista) legacy financial management system, “which was no longer supporting the firm’s strategic direction or providing essential management information”.

According to Edward Gordon-Hall, Director of Finance & Administration at Lewis Silkin, “We invested in 3E because it will enable us to drive efficiency throughout the firm, improve client management and ultimately increase profitability. We are particularly excited about giving our lawyers access to comprehensive and easily accessible client and matter information through a single tailored dashboard on their desktops, which additionally provides real-time KPIs that empower fee earners in the management of their own performance.”

Efficient business processes, powered by an advanced software platform, play an important part in increasing efficiency and enhancing client service. “3E is both an advanced application suite and a development platform that allows us to integrate it with our other core business processes, such as our document management and CRM systems,” said Jan Durant, director of IT at Lewis Silkin. “Plus, 3E’s comprehensive real-time reporting and business intelligence capability will allow us to enhance and improve business processes over time.”

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Well les get the ball rolling ; we have tags of Elite 3e, a sharepoint DMS development thats stalled, the purchase of a third party time capture gadget and a leading light and member of the knoblist at the firm. I am saddened by the lack of supportive messages.

I've been curious about what's happening with the sharepoint dms too. There was so much commotion regarding this and it seems to have gone very quiet in recent months. Have they finally realised that sharepoint just won't cut it as a dms?

Are Kennedys planning to drop Tikit Firmware in favour of Elite 3E?

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