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Lexis launch legal research service for Middle East

LexisNexis UK today announced the launch of Lexis Middle East Law. The online legal information service offers both English and Arabic speaking lawyers a single point of access to United Arab Emirates Federal law and Federal cases, laws of individual Emirates, regional current awareness and expansive commentary on the wider Middle East. Lexis Middle East Law is available at

Lexis Middle East Law brings together advanced search technology and international content from LexisNexis with the specialist expertise of SADER Publishers, one of the oldest and most respected legal publishers in the Middle East region. 

Built with the specific needs of the Middle Eastern practitioner in mind, Lexis Middle East Law has been developed with a panel of local and international legal practitioners, and has been designed to meet the challenges lawyers face in gaining access to comprehensive legal materials.

Claire Melvin, Publisher of Lexis Middle East Law, said “Historically, translation differences, information gaps and problems with accessing hard copy documents have made it very difficult for lawyers in this region to efficiently carry out legal research. Our entire service has been designed to ensure that legal practitioners have full confidence in the quality, accuracy and completeness of the legal materials they need to fulfill their daily obligations.”

The service also allows greater opportunities for collaboration between Arabic and English speaking teams by combining English-language search results with access to the full-text of laws and cases in Arabic. Communication is facilitated by the fact that UAE laws in Lexis Middle East Law are searchable in English, but also viewable in full-text in Arabic. Searching incorporates English headers in the Arabic text making it easy to distribute the original Arabic for review by a colleague or partner firm.

 Subscribers can also view, search and set up personalised email alerts for daily legal developments in the region, by topic and specific country, through the Middle East Region Current Awareness Service. The integrated news service combines two types of sources: specially written content for the Middle East Law service and relevant regional material international legal news services from LexisNexis. 

In addition, subscribers can access specially written current awareness content for the region. Content includes the daily Middle East Legal Newspaper Index, covering key legal news stories from regional newspapers, and Middle East News Analysis, which features daily updated summaries and expert legal opinion on the latest legal developments from Government and regulatory sources.

 Customers also have access to the relevant Middle East regional content via LexisNexis International Legal Journal Index, International Newspaper Index, International News Analysis and International Tax News Services.