Law students can now have the accuracy of all their case law and legislation citations checked and verified as they work, thanks to the release of a student version of LexisNexis’ LexisCheck software. The software, designed in conjunction with Osborne Clarke LLP, acts like a ‘spell-check’ for legal citations. Scanning through Word documents it automatically identifies citations and then displays, with a traffic light signal, whether the citation can be considered ‘reasonable’, to be used with ‘caution’ or ‘unreliable.’

Designed to improve the accuracy and working practice of lawyers, the citation-checking LexisCheck encourages students to recognise the importance of accurate citations, and to research them more quickly and effectively. With direct links through to the authoritative content of LexisLibrary, students can rapidly discover and understand the change in the law that LexisCheck has highlighted.

Craig Jones, Client Knowledge Services Manager, Osborne Clarke says “This is a new way for students to work, taking advantage of the latest legal technology. Ensuring that accurate citations are used is vital for students to get the best grades possible, but the additional skills they can learn using LexisCheck, such as effective use of technology, the correct way to quote cases, and how to thoroughly research cases will also help students build their career beyond university. The ability to use legal technology and an understanding of best practice is something that we and other law firms look for in graduates, so LexisCheck will bring real value to both students and employers.”

LexisNexis Head of Knowledge Solutions, Simon Drane said “LexisCheck is part of LexisNexis’ ongoing commitment to the legal community to work with lawyers to provide innovative solutions that genuinely help in the practice of law.” An annual license for LexisCheck for students will retail at the introductory price of £39.99 inc VAT until the end of November.

Key benefits of LexisCheck for students include:
·        Validation of citations in all essays and coursework to ensure currency and accuracy
·        Helping to save time as well as ensuring a better quality of work
·        Strengthening a student’s ability to check and verify citations
·        Assisting with mooting and competition preparedness
·        Improved ease of research