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Lexis launches Australia's first consolidated email alert service

LexisNexis has launched Australia’s first legal alert to cover third-party content as well as cases, legislation and journals with real-life editorial selection. Called LexisNexis Total Alerts, and powered by Ozmosys, it deliver one daily email combining the best information from numerous news alerts and daily law updates.
Lexis say Total Alerts 'is not a hit-and-miss alerting service but is true to its name in providing a single, comprehensive update of the day’s legal news, monitored and selected by a qualified editorial team. By consolidating the numerous emails that legal professionals currently receive, Total Alerts is doing away with multiple alerts, adding more time to lawyers’ days while giving them the latest developments ahead of their clients.'
Total Alerts covers 32 available topic areas, including cases, legislation and journal articles, as well as the ability to add third-party news or legal information alerts and feeds. Each of the topic areas are monitored by qualified legal editorial teams to ensure high-quality content.
“LexisNexis Total Alerts does not replace your preferred individual information sources. For example, if you love a particular news alert from a certain publisher or want to continue receiving case updates from another source you can do this; it is entirely up to the individual. The value of LexisNexis Total Alerts is the consolidation of many alerts and emails into one email alert, plus the benefit of trusted, hand-selected content and summaries from our editorial team, sourced from CaseBase and LawNow Legislation”, says TJ Viljoen, CEO, LexisNexis Pacific.
For large firms or organisations with a centralised knowledge management division, the alert can be managed by an administrative tool that allows tailoring to develop the email alert to cover an individual’s practice area, clients and information needs. It allows the knowledge management team to maintain control over the subscription process with third-party sources.

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Sounds pretty good, the idea that you can set alerts from any source and have everything blended and delivered to your gizmo of choice

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